Chapter 1524: You Are The Same

Chapter 1524: You Are The Same

Zeng Shouyue and the others couldn’t see how bad Xi Yue’s situation was at this time. If she really got hit, Xi Yue would cripple even if he didn’t die.

Zeng Shouyue’s mind was buzzing with wild thoughts. He rushed forward almost without thinking.

However, the moment he touched the swaying ghost claw shadows, he felt a burst of tearing pain all over his body.

Then he screamed and got knocked away.

Nangong Hua sneered. He didn’t bother these ants from the lower realm.

All he wanted was Xi Yue. Even if he couldn’t kill him, he would at least tear off his hands and feet, break his meridians, and make him unable to grow again.

The black ghost claw shadows fell, but the expected sound of flesh and blood being torn apart did not come.

Nangong Hua only felt a huge pressure rushing toward his face, causing a suffocating pain in his chest. His body instinctively retreated quickly.

Hexi’s frail body was embraced in a warm and broad embrace.

The breath of that embrace was so familiar, so reassuring for her as if she had found a shelter.

Nangong Yu hugged her frail body tightly, fearing for a while. He lowered his head and said in a hoarse voice, “Xi’er, I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you well.”

Hexi buried her head in his arms and rubbed her face coquettishly, then she said in annoyance, “It’s all your fault. If you didn’t arbitrarily announce the marriage, I wouldn’t have been entangled by so many people. Even your family members came here to kill me!”

“Do they deserve to be my family!” Nangong Yu sneered. Looking down at the girl’s pale face, he felt full of guilt and pity. He whispered in her ear, “Yes, it’s all my fault. When we’re married, you can punish me however you want. Well, it’s best… to be in bed!”

Hexi blushed and kicked him angrily, trying to kick him away, but her spiritual power and physical strength had not yet recovered and her whole body was limp like a ball of water, so kicking seemed like flirting with him.

The people watching not far away seemed to see pink bubbles popping out from them.

Suddenly someone from the Huang Medical Branch snorted coldly, “Who the hell said that our Xi Yue isn’t worthy of His Highness King of Hell? Don’t the person who said that feel blind?”

Many people in Miracle Healer Academy who originally despised Xi Yue for hooking up with His Highness King of Hell couldn’t help swallowing at this moment.

They obviously hated same sex relationship, but looking at the sweet scene in front of them, they somehow felt an indescribable harmony as if Xi Yue and Nangong Yu belonged to each other naturally.

“Nangong Yu, you unfilial son, is this how you treat your elders and your uncle?”

Nangong Hua glared at Nangong Yu coldly. The ghost claw shadows behind him seemed to feel the master’s anger and swayed wildly.

The pair of hands with scales clenched tightly, making click sounds.

Nangong Yu’s attitude of completely ignoring him completely angered the current family master of the Nangong Family.

Nangong Yu held Hexi with one hand as he glanced at Nangong Hua and smiled mockingly, “Elders deserve respect only if they look like elders. Second uncle, did you forget that I said before that the only one I’m marrying is Xi Yue? If anyone dares to stop me, I will make them pay a terrifying price. Even you, my dear uncles, are the same!”

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