Chapter 1525: Who Else Dares to Touch

Chapter 1525: Who Else Dares to Touch

“And you—!” Nangong Yu turned his gaze on Zheng Luo and said with an eerie killing intent, “What are you, you dare to hurt my wife! Have you ever thought of the consequences?!”

Before Nangong Yu finished speaking, his figure suddenly flashed. A power force was charged in his hand and swung toward Zheng Luo’s face fiercely.

Zheng Luo let out a scream. He was sent into mid-air, then he fell heavily again.

When he landed, everyone saw that his face was covered in blood, and the skin on his face was cracked in several places. The most frightening thing was that all of Zheng Luo’s teeth had all fallen off.

Martial artists had spiritual power that could enhance self-recovery. External trauma was generally no problem, but for broken arms and missing legs, except for doctors who truly had godly medical skills, others couldn’t treat them. The same was true for teeth that were knocked out.

Zheng Luo looked at his teeth that fell out all over the floor and opened his mouth. Hearing the sound of his panting and thinking that a Soul Splitting Stage martial artist like him was humiliated like this in the lower realm, he fainted suddenly.

“You——! You——!! Zheng Luo is the confidant of our Nangong Family, you…” Nangong Hua was trembling with anger, unable to speak.

But Nangong Yu sneered and said, “I spared his life for the sake of my grandmother. If you feel dissatisfied, why don’t I screw his head off right now? I want to see who dares to touch the person I, Nangong Yu, want to marry!”

These words were not just for Nangong Hua.

His cold gaze swept over everyone around, including Lu Zhixi and Tong Bing whose faces could hardly be seen in the distance.

Everyone caught by this sight couldn’t help but tremble all over.

If Xi Yue was scary, then His Highness King of Hell, who was now recognized as the number one person in the Miluo Continent, was absolutely terrifying! He was so horrifying that no one could raise a trace of resistance.

But Nangong Hua refused to accept it!

I’m from the upper realm Siam Continent, I’m s the master of the Nangong Family, and I’m Nangong Yu’s uncle, why should I be humiliated by a junior? Why should I be intimidated by Nangong Yu?

Nangonghu took a deep breath, and his eyes were filled with ominous light. Not only the ghost claw phantasms behind him didn’t disappear, but they even became more rampant and solid.

He looked coldly at Nangong Yu and Xi Yue who was in his arms, and said grimly, “Yu’er, you can marry any woman. Your second uncle, I, will not interfere, but the premise it must be a woman. What is this thing? A toy boy? You can play, but if you want to marry him, your second uncle and grandmother absolutely disagree! Do you want our Nangong Family to lose face in front of the world?”

Nangong Yu sneered, “What are you, Nangong Hua? You bowed your head in front of that woman Lou Wushuang, lying at her feet like a dog and listening to her. Do you think you and the current Nangong Family have any face?”

Nangong Hua took a sharp breath.

He knew that Nangong Yu had been investigating the cause of his parents’ death, but he didn’t know how much he had found! Does he know everything?

Nangong Hua was flustered, then a strong killing intent rose in his mind. He said coldly, “Since you are so stubborn, then don’t blame uncle for being rude.”

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand, and the martial artists at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage lined up behind him. The leader of them was one foot stepping into the Soul Splitting Stage.

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