Chapter 1526: Void Spirit Shield

Chapter 1526: Void Spirit Shield

Nangong Hua said in a deep voice, “Catch that Xi Yue, if anyone obstructs or resists, kill.”

“Yes, Family Master!”

Nangong Yu’s eyes turned cold. He was about to kill the guards of the Nangong Family first, but a fierce ghost claw attack from Nangong Hua roared over.

Nangong Hua had already thought clearly, since his nephew valued Xi Yue so much, at least he had to control Xi Yue first.

No matter how high Nangong Yu’s cultivation level was, Nangong Hua was also at the Soul Splitting Stage. If he had to protect Xi Yue, he could never be his opponent. In the end, both of them would die. But if he let go of Xi Yue and fought with him, the guards of Nangong Family would capture Xi Yue alive.

Nangong Hua sneered. No matter what, Nangong Yu and Xi Yue can’t escape from me.

The howling ghost claws with by murderous vibe rushed toward Nangong Yu and Hexi.

But Hexi suddenly pushed Nangong Yu out.

Nangong Yu didn’t show any surprise. His body flickered. The black long sword in his hand unsheathed as he rushed toward Nangong Hua’s guards.

Seeing this, Nangong Hua was overjoyed. Is Nangong Yu stupid? He actually left Xi Yue to attack those guards? Does he think Xi Yue can resist my attack?

But at the next moment, a scene that horrified Nangong Hua happened.

The ghost claw phantasms seemed to hit a wall and be bounced away when approaching Xi Yue.

Moreover, the bouncing force even made Nangong Hua take a step back.

Hexi looked at Nangong Hua’s embarrassed face leisurely and indifferently, but a half-smile evoke on her mouth.

“What’s going? What the hell did this Xi Yue do?”

Nangong Hua was startled and suspicious. A hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. The hands that returned to normal size enlarged and turned into terrifying ghost claws again.

The onlookers only felt that a shadow flashed in front of them, and a violent attack was launched toward Xi Yue.

“Be careful, Xi Yue——!!” Terrified screams sounded one after another.

Zeng Shouyue and the students from Huang Medical Branch turned pale with fright.

Even Qing Luan yelled with a pale face, “Master, hurry… help—!”

However, the young man’s frail body wasn’t torn into pieces as they thought.

Nangong Hua’s attack caused a rumbling noise when landing in front of Xi Yue. The aftermath of the attack that leaked out made people tremble all over.

However, none of the attacks fell on Xi Yue.

Amidst the violent storm, the peerless young man smiled leisurely. He even had the leisure to straighten his own clothes.

“Impossible! How is this possible? How?” Nangong Hua’s entire face twisted.

His face was full of anger and disbelief. He couldn’t believe that his attack couldn’t hurt a Gold Core Stage kid at all.

Suddenly, Nangong Hualing looked closely at Hexi’s surroundings.

Only then did he realize that the young man’s body was covered with a layer of transparent Void Spirit Shield. It was almost firmly attached to the young man’s body, and the fluctuation of spiritual power was almost non-existent that Nangong Hua didn’t notice the Void Spirit Shield at all.

However, even the Soul Splitting Stage martial artist couldn’t cast such a Void Spirit Barrier, let alone Nangong Yu.

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