Chapter 1527: Disciple and Wine

Chapter 1527: Disciple and Wine

Nangong Hua was astounded. He looked around in panic and shouted, “Who is it? Which senior is it? Stop being sneaky and show yourself? Why are you protecting a toy boy from the lower realm?”

Bah, you bullied my darling disciple, and you still have the nerve to ask me why? Do you believe I will cut off you bastards’ heads and kicked like balls?”

Nangong Hua suddenly heard the voice coming from above, but even if he gathered spiritual power in his eyes, he couldn’t see anyone, making him even more panic.

Just as he was about to speak, an upside-down human head suddenly appeared in front of him.

An old face with a gray beard and hair was facing him upside down, looking at him with disgust. Then, he “burp” a mouthful of alcohol directly on Nangong Hua’s face.

Nangong Hua was terrified by this sudden scene. He backed away in quick steps, stumbled, and almost fell to the ground in embarrassment.

The old man who was floating upside down in the air smiled, turned over in the air, landed on the ground, and ran straight toward Hexi, “Yo, my adorable disciple. Long time no see. I really miss you.”

Hexi looked at him teasingly. She said with a clear and sweet voice, “Master, are you missing me? Or my wine?”

Hahaha…” The old man scratched his hair and laughed awkwardly, “The wines will be finished no matter how many wines there are. After drinking all the wines, I will think of you. There is no difference between thinking about wine and thinking about you, right?”

Hexi’s mocking expression couldn’t hold back any longer. She smirked and showed a delightful smile, “Got it, I just made a lot of new wines recently. I’m sure Master will be satisfied.”

She knew that her master of course didn’t come just for the wine, otherwise he would not have appeared at this timing. He probably heard the news about Nangong Yu’s marriage, and he knew Nangong Yu’s identity, so he purposely came here to support her.

These words from Hexi were more comfortable than telling ten thousand words of flattery to the old man. My disciple is really the best.

At this time, Nangong Hua looked at the old man as if he had seen a ghost.

His finger pointing at the old man was trembling as he stammered, “You… you… you are… Immortal Xuan Qing?!”

The old man looked at him with disgust and put his hands on his hips as he said, “You were the one who attacked my darling disciple, and you scolded me for being sneaky?”

Nangong Hua was dumbstruck!

All the Siam Continent people present, including Yun Jingxue who had a lumpyhead, all showed incredible shocked expressions.

No one in Siam Continent really didn’t know about Immortal Xuan Qing.

Its strength can be compared with Divine Moon Palace’s Venerable Hui Yue, and Lou Family’s old monsters.

The Nangong Family and the Yun Family were just small families attached to the Lou Family, but they had never even met the master of the Lou Family, let alone a powerhouse like Immortal Xuan Qing whose whereabouts were erratic.

But this powerhouse expert told them that Xi Yue… that young man from the lower realm who they regarded as a toy boy was his disciple? How could everyone not be shocked?

No wonder that this Xi Yue has such a powerful ability at such a young age! If his talent is ordinary, how can Immortal Xuan Qing accept him as disciple?

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