Chapter 1530: Kill..

Chapter 1530: Kill..

Grandma came to the lower realm because of my marriage? Nangong Yu felt warm and moved. He had already decided to meet his grandmother in a while and tell her Xi’er’s true gender.

He could disregard anyone’s opinions and lives in Nangong Family, but Old Lady Nangong was his only concern in Nangong Family. Nangong Yu hoped that his marriage with Xi Yue would get her sincere blessing.

Before Nangong Hua could speak, Lu Yun beside Yun Jingxue suddenly yelled hysterically, “No! The old lady will never agree. Xi Yue is not only a man, but he is also flirtatious. He has ambiguous relationships with several men. Such a scum should be locked up in a joyhouse to be played by those men. How can be he Young Master Yu’s wife? Master Yu should marry our young lady…”

Before Lu Yun finished speaking, Nangong Yu launched a dark red light from his hand.

In the blink of an eye, Yun Jingxue didn’t even have time to scream, and Nan Gonghua didn’t even have time to stop the attack. The light shot through Lu Yun’s chest and burst her heart.

Lu Yun covered her heart, opened his mouth wide, and made a broken voice, “You… kill…”

Before she finished speaking, she was dead.

Nangong Yu’s face was gloomy. There seemed to be a storm in his eyes.

Immortal Xuan Qing and Hexi also frowned. The surrounding crowd was all shocked.

In the distance, Tong Bing and Lu Zhixi had quietly left.

Lu Zhixi gritted her teeth and said, “That scum Xi Yue really has a good master. He actually didn’t suffer this time. How lucky is he.”

A trace of resentment flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes, then it disappeared and turned into a deep smile, “Forget it, anyway, we didn’t intend to use that idiot Yun Jingxue to deal with Xi Yue. The good show we prepared for Xi Yue is still coming. Speaking of which, the medicine from your Doctors Association is really good. That Lu Yun’s last performance must have planted seeds of doubt in everyone’s hearts.”

“When our plan is implemented, I believe that even the students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy will believe that Xi Yue is a promiscuous scum.”

Lu Zhixi laughed loudly. Her beautiful face distorted due to over-excitement, “That’s our Doctors Association’s unique drug. My dad doesn’t even have much in hand, so how can it not be good? As long as that scum Xi Yue can get a miserable end, not to mention the unique drug, I don’t mind even if losing the entire Doctors Association.”

Tong Bing’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and his mouth evoked a sinister smile, “Don’t worry, Fairy Zhixi, as long as our plan goes well, not to mention Nangong Yu and Miracle Healer Academy, even Xi Yue’s master, Immortal Xuan Qing, will be shamed to have such a disciple.”

Think of the old man who was feared by the Nangong Family, and his terrifying strength.

Tong Bing felt hot in his heart.

When Xi Yue is eliminated, I will serve Immortal Xuan Qing attentively. I believe that Immortal Xuan Qing must be able to see my talent and character and finally accept him as a disciple.

As long as I become Immortal Xuan Qing’s disciple, I will have a solid background. At that time, Brother Xuan Mu will definitely look up to me with admiration.

Lu Zhixi bit her nails, made the hysterical laughter again, and muttered “Xi Yue dies”.

Tong Bing said with a low smile, “Fairy Zhixi, let’s wait for the good show!”

Not far away, Cai Yu looked at them from behind and slowly clenched the powerless hands hanging by his sides.

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