Chapter 1532: Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin

Chapter 1532: Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin

Does this little girl know what it means to have a sky wood spiritual root? Even in Siam Continent, I have never heard of a person who can have a 100% pure sky spiritual root.

However, if Immortal Xuan Qing knows that what Hexi possessed was not only the wood sky spiritual root, but also a wood source that made all creatures go crazy for it, what would his expression be?

After being surprised, Immortal Xuan Qing’s expression turned serious, “You must not let anyone know about your wood sky spiritual root, especially the people in the upper realm!”

Hexi smiled and nodded. She would not say that Nangong Yu knew from the beginning, lest her master get mad again.

Immortal Xuan Qing was serious for a while, then he immediately lay down on the bed. While gnawing on the chicken leg, he shook his head and sighed, “I didn’t expect that you would save that Old Hui Yue and establish a tie with him. That Hui Yue looks kind on the surface, but in fact, he is extremely difficult to please. I didn’t expect him to be impressed with you. By the way, you said that he gave you a gift?”

Hexi took out the purple jade hairpin that Venerable Hui Yue let Wei Chengyuan deliver and handed it to Immortal Xuan Qing.

Immortal Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes and glanced into the jade box, but this glance made him jump up in shock, “Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin?!”

“What’s wrong?” Hexi blinked, “Anything problem with this hairpin?”

Big problem! Immortal Xuan Qing looked at Hexi with a complicated expression, making a chewing sound.

The Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin is very famous in Siam Continent. Not to mention its powerful talisman array, which increases the cast speed, flying speed and movement speed of those who wore it, just that exquisite style can make women scramble for it.

But in Siam Continent, few women would wear this Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin. Hui Ye actually gifted this thing to Xi Yue? What the hell is this Old Hui Yue planning?

Facing Hexi’s questioning eyes, Immortal Xuan Qing scratched his beard for a long time before saying, “Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin and Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress are originally a set. It is said that the purple hairpin and heavenly dress complement each other and can emit colorful light, which is too beautiful to behold. However, few people dare to wear it.”


“In Siam Continent, many women tried to wear the Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin and Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, but when they wear the heavenly dress, it will become dull. Not to mention the colorful light, it is even worse than coarse linen dress. It will also accentuate the ugliness of those women. Tsk tsk, you know how much those female cultivators love beauty, letting them wear a dress that will make them ugly is worse than killing them.”

“So over time, this Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin and Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress have become treasures that many women love and hate at the same time.”

There was another reason that Immortal Xuan Qing didn’t say. There are rumors that a woman who can wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress will become…

Hexi smiled lowly and shut the jade box, interrupting Immortal Xuan Qing’s reverie, “Whether it makes me look beautiful or ugly, it doesn’t matter to me. If it’s really useless, at worst, I’ll find a chance to sell it.”


In the Mojing Pavilion.

Yun Jingxue stared straight at a jade box that Old Lady Nangong opened.

Inside was a dazzlingly beautiful dress that exuded a radiant light.

Yun Jingxue believed that there was no woman who would not want to wear such a dress, and no woman would not want to stand in the spotlight.

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