Chapter 1533: Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress

Chapter 1533: Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress

“Old lady, is this the legendary Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress?” Yun Jingxue exclaimed, “Old lady, are… are you going to give this dress to Jingxue?”

Old Lady Nangong sighed and said, “Jingxue, you won’t like this dress. This Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress has been in our Nangong Family for decades, although no one can wear it, I still regarded it as a family heirloom. It’s a pity that Lou Wushuang wanted it specifically, so I brought this piece of clothes to Miluo Continent.”

Yun Jingxue became anxious. She said in a high-pitched voice, “Old lady, how could Jingxue not like this dress? Such a beautiful wedding dress, if Jingxue could wear it to marry Cousin Yu, how wonderful would it be? Lou…”

Lou Wushuang is so old already, why does she want this beautiful dress?

However, as soon as Yun Jingxue was about to say that, she swallowed the words back. Not to mention that Yun Family was far inferior to Lou Family, her own life was still in Lou Wushuang’s hands.

Old Lady Nangong looked at her with pity and said with a half smile, “If you don’t believe me, Jingxue, try wearing this Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.”

Yun Jingxue was full of excitement. She couldn’t wait to go behind the screen and put on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.

This was also where Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress was different from other clothes – It couldn’t be worn by spells.

A moment later, Yun Jingxue came out from behind the screen with a face full of anticipation. When she moved his feet, the ornaments on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress made a pleasant jingle sound, just like the sound of heaven.

However, as soon as Old Lady Nangong saw it, her face became stiff and her mouth twitched. She originally planned to say a few words of flattery, but she couldn’t say a word.

But the maid standing behind Old Lady Nangong couldn’t help but burst out laughing when she saw her appearance.

Yun Jingxue’s complexion suddenly became extremely ugly.

She suppressed her anger and embarrassment and asked the maid to bring the glass mirror.

When Yun Jingxue saw her own appearance in the glazed mirror, her face was distorted.

The dress she was wearing wasn’t gorgeous at all. It was just an inconspicuous sackcloth. The coarse sackcloth tightly wrapped her waist and legs, which set off her thick waist and short legs, making her figure ugly. Her graceful figure was gone.

The most frightening thing was that her hair that was burned by Xi Yue’s flame was originally covered up with spiritual power, but it was exposed after wearing this Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.

The bumpy scalp looked like it had been bitten by a dog. The woman in the glass mirror in front of her was even inferior to a county girl, let alone a beauty in the Siam Continent.

Ahhhhh!” Yun Jingxue screamed in horror. She fled behind the screen desperately, frantically tore off the dress, and shouted, “What kind of shit dress is this!”

The Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress was quickly taken off without any damage. After leaving Yun Jingxue’s body, it immediately shone brightly again.

Old Lady Nangong obsessively put the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress back into the jade box. Her vaguely contemptuous gaze swept over Yun Jingxue, and it became kind again.

With tears of grievance in her eyes, Yun Jingxue was about to speak. Suddenly, a guard’s voice came from outside the door, “Old Lady, Young Master Yu has come to see you!”

Old Lady Nangong straightened up excitedly and shouted, “Quick, let Yu’er in!”

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