Chapter 1534: Grandma Understands

Chapter 1534: Grandma Understands

There was a gloomy light in Yun Jingxue’s eyes. Of course she knew what Nangong Yu was here for.

Remembering Tong Bing’s instructions, she moved closer to Old Lady Nangong’s ear and whispered a few words.

Old Lady Nangong’s eyes turned grim, but a generous and kind smile appeared on her mouth. She grabbed Yun Jingxue’s hand and patted it gently, “Don’t worry Jingxue, I know better than anyone that what is best for Yu’er and the Nangong Family. Yu’er will definitely marry you, but you have to be patient, understand?”

Knowing that Old Lady Nangong had agreed to their plan, Yun Jingxue smiled triumphantly and sinisterly before leaving.

Xi Yue, you must be very proud for burning my hair and humiliating me in front of everyone right! However, soon I will make you cry. Your end will be a hundred times worse than mine!


Nangong Yu walked into the room quickly. When he saw the old lady sitting upright, looking at him with a kind smile, he put up a sincere smile.

He knelt down on both knees and solemnly kowtowed to Old Lady Nangong, “Grandson pays respects to grandma.”

“Get up, get up!” Old Lady Nangong excitedly stood up from her seat with tears in her eyes and helped Nangong Yu up.

Nangong Yu looked at Old Lady Nangong’s gray hair at the sideburns, and he looked a little guilty.

Old Lady Nangong’s cultivation was only Gold Core Stage. Now she had lived for 300 years, her lifespan had slowly come to an end.

As a grandson, he stayed in Miluo Continent because of the blood feud of his parents. He had never been filial to his grandmother. Only now did he realize that his grandmother was so old.

Nangong Yu held the old lady’s old hand and said in a low voice, “Grandmother, after grandson gets married and kills the valley master of the Thousand Poison Valley to avenge father, I will go to Siam Continent and stay by your side in the future.”

Hearing that Nangong Yu said that he was going to kill the valley master of the Thousand Poison Valley, Old Lady Nangong’s expression froze visibly.

However, she quickly covered it up and pressed Nangong Yu’s hand. With tears in his eyes, she choked up and said, “Okay! Grandma believes in you! Grandma has been looking forward to the day of reunion with Yu’er.”

The 2 sat down and talked about some of their daily lives. Old Lady Nangong asked Nangong Yu how he had been in the past few years and whether he had been wronged.

Nangong Yu answered patiently one by one. When it was about time, Nangong Yu coughed lightly with a slightly shy expression, “Grandmother, about Xi Yue, the sweetheart whom grandson wants to marry. Grandson wants to tell you that…”

“You don’t need to say anymore.” Old Lady Nangong grabbed his hand and looked at him with trusting eyes, “I’ve heard that Xi Yue is a man.”

“Grandma, listen to me, in fact…”

“Yu’er, listen to your grandmother first!” Tears slowly welled up in Old Lady Nangong’s eyes. Her expression was full of regret and sadness, “When I first heard Jingxue say that you were going to marry a man, grandmother was really very disappointed. Because grandma hoped so much that you would get married and have children to carry on the family line for your father. But later, grandma figured it out.”

“You want to marry Xi Yue so much, it must be because he is a good boy and you really like him, right?”

Nangong Yu nodded with a somewhat dumbfounding expression, “Grandma, I was just about to tell you…”

“Needless to say, grandma understands.” Old Lady Nangong smiled kindly. Her eyes were full of love.

TL: Can’t tell this grandma is really on Nangong Yu’s side or not…

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