Chapter 1535: Are You Stupid

Chapter 1535: Are You Stupid

“As long as you like Xi Yue, as long as this Xi Yue is a good boy, what does it matter if he is a man? Do you think grandma would make the same mistake of the past again? Because of my stubbornness, I did my best to stop your father and mother, but I killed both of them. No! Grandma will never make the same mistake I made back then.”

“Yu’er, do you really like that boy named Xi Yue? Do you want to marry him?”

Nangong Yu gave a low laugh and gave up explaining that Xi Yue was a girl.

Grandma supports and trusts me to the point that even if I’m marrying a ‘man’, she is still standing by my side. This feeling really moves me deeply.

Moreover, I can also let Xi Yue know that not all of my relatives reject her. There is someone who really likes her.

After getting married, I will bring Xi’er to serve tea to his grandmother. When the grandmother finds out the identity of Xi’er woman, she will be very happy, right?

Thinking of this, Nangong Yu smiled and nodded heavily, “Of course, grandma. I will marry no one other than Xi’er in my life.”

“Great! Great! Grandma will support you.” Old Lady Nangong laughed, “Then why don’t you bring that boy named Xi Yue to grandma?”

Nangong Yu pursed his lips, the smile on his face faded a little, and a dark light flashed in his eyes.

Old Lady Nangong immediately thought of something, and she snorted, “Did your uncles go to trouble Xi Yue because of his status? Hmph, Yu’er, don’t worry about them. Grandma will ensure that no one can stop you from marrying anyone!”

Nangong Yu smiled, stood up, and bowed deeply to Old Lady Nangong, “Grandma, grandson will go and ask Xi Yue to see you now.”

“Wait a minute!” Old Lady Nangong immediately grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand and said with a frown, “You don’t need to explain. Your uncles must have angered that boy named Xi Yue right?”

Nangong Yu pursed his lips and remained silent.

“These troublemakers!” Old Lady Nangong patted heavily on the side, then she smiled, “Why don’t we do this? Tomorrow I will host a banquet and invite the elders and deans of Miracle Healer Academy, plus the people of our Nangong Family. By then, we will clarify Xi Yue’s identity to everyone. This way we won’t wrong that boy. Yu’er, what do you think?”

Nangong Yu was stunned for a long time when he heard the words. It took a while for him to say in a low voice, “Thank you grandma. I’ll tell Xi’er right away.”

“How can I let you go?” Old Lady Nangong laughed, patted his hand, and said, “You have just left him for just a short while, and you start to miss him already? Grandma will personally invite him to show my respect.”

“As for you, stay here obediently for grandma today. After tomorrow, when your relationship is finalized, grandma will discuss the wedding date with Xi Yue’s master. By then, are you still afraid that this wife will run away?”

Nangong Yu’s face was slightly red, but there was a deep joyful smile in his eyes. He nodded in response.

As soon as he thought that tomorrow would be his engagement with Xi’er, he couldn’t restrain the joy in his heart.

This day has finally come.

After Nangong Yu left, Old Lady Nangong sat quietly in her seat without any expression on her face.

After a while, the door was suddenly pushed open. Nangong Hua walked into the room frowning and asked bluntly, “Mother, I heard that you agree with Nangong Yu to marry that Xi Yue as his wife? Are you stupid? That Xi Yue is a man!”

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