Chapter 1536: Banquet

Chapter 1536: Banquet

Old Lady Nangong snorted and glanced at Nangong Hua with fierce gaze, “I haven’t asked you yet. As a dignified cultivator from the upper realm, you actually embarrassed yourself in a place like Miluo Continent! Do you know how much will our Nangong Family’s prestige be reduced when this gets to the Siam Continent?”

Nangong Hua looked extremely ugly when he thought of being threatened by Nangong Yu in public and slapped by Immortal Xuan Qing.

Old Lady Nangong sneered and said, “Don’t worry about Xi Yue’s affairs. There’s no way this kind of scum marries into my Nangong Family. You just need to stand by and watch. Not everything has to be solved by force. Sometimes backstabbing hurts the most.”

Nangong Hua was overjoyed. When he was about to speak, Old Lady Nangong suddenly coughed violently. The coughing sound was heart-piercing. Her whole face was flushed red. The old lady seemed to have many wrinkles on her face as if it was an illusion.

“Mother, are you okay!”

“Get out. Get out now! Do you hear me?!”

After Nangong Hua went out, Old Lady Nangong took out a porcelain bottle from the storage space, poured the medicine powder in the porcelain bottle into a porcelain bowl, cut her own wrist, dripped blood in, and drank it.

After drinking the blood, the wrinkles on Old Lady Nangong’s face disappeared instantly. The originally gray temple hair became much darker.

Looking at the porcelain vase in her hand, Old Lady Nangong looked complicated. After a long time, she murmured, “For eternal youth and immortality, can my grandson and Nangong Family be more important?”

No one knows what it feels like to be from the upper realm but unable to break through to the Nascent Soul Stage. When everyone around me is young and beautiful, I’m getting old and dying day by day? Lou Wushuang, who takes a fancy on my son, is even decades older than me.

I’m the old lady of the Nangong Family, and I will never accept dying of old age!


In the early morning of the next day, after Hexi woke up from meditation, finished cleaning, and withdrew her consciousness from the void, she heard Qing Luan’s voice.

“Miss, there are people visiting outside the yard.”

The dormitory was empty. Xuan Mu still hadn’t come back. Immortal Xuan Qing had been gone with a ring full of food and wine.

Hexi was also extremely helpless toward her master.

It was flattering to say that he was erratic like the divine dragon. He simply appeared for food, then he left after eating full.

Thinking about it, Hexi couldn’t help laughing herself.

As soon as she walked out of the yard, Hexi saw an old woman dressed plainly but with a noble demeanor in her gestures.

As soon as the old woman saw Hexi, she immediately smiled and bowed to her, “I’m Mammy Qi, maid of Old Lady Nangong. I came here especially to invite Mr. Xi Yue to a banquet.”

Old Lady Nangong? Hexi blinked. Isn’t that Nangong Yu’s grandmother? Hmm, it seems that she is the only relative of the Nangong Family that Nangong Yu admits?

Thinking of this, Hexi stopped putting on airs. Although there was not much expression on her face, she still respectfully bowed back, “Thank you, old lady, for your hospitality. It’s just…”

Before Hexi could finish speaking, Mammy Qi showed some understanding on her face and said with a light smile, “Mr. Xi Yue, the old lady already knows about the matter between you and Young Master Yu. She has agreed the marry between you and Young Master Yu. So, today’s banquet is not only our Nangong Family’s banquet, but it is also to announce the wedding news to everyone. Mr. Xi Yue, are you willing to attend?”

TL: As Immortal Xuan Qing said, there is not a good thing in the entire Nangong Family…

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