Chapter 1537: Something Is Wrong

Chapter 1537: Something Is Wrong

Hexi’s expression froze.

Hexi carefully observed Mammy Qi’s expression. She noticed something peculiar with Mammy Qi’s gaze beneath the smile.

Wait, Mammy Qi still doesn’t know my true identity? What’s Nangong Yu up to? Wasn’t he supposed to tell his grandmother about it?

Wait a minute! If Old Lady Nangong didn’t know my true gender, why would she agree to let Nangong Yu marry me? Is she that open-minded in her thinking?

Hexi’s mouth twitched slightly as her hair fluttered along the wind.

Mammy Qi urged Hexi again and asked if she could invite her master to go with her. She coughed softly after recollecting her thoughts, “Sorry, my master left earlier. I’ll go with Mammy.”

Qing Luan tugged on Hexi’s sleeve, simultaneously excited and nervous, “Miss, are you… are you going to really become our princess? Did you agree to the marriage?”

Hexi blushed and said softly, “Well, if I don’t marry that guy, who else can I marry?”

Anyway, I will get married sooner or later, so why make it complicated?

Tears of joy welled up in Qing Luan’s eyes and streamed down her face.

Qing Luan said incoherently, “That’s great… Master is so blessed…” and other nonsense.

It took a long time for her to recover. Then, she grabbed Hexi’s sleeve, “Miss, are you attending the banquet in this dress?”

Hexi froze for a moment, then looked down.

Hexi wore the school uniform of Miracle Healer Academy. The uniform used white color as the base with dark blue thread embroidery of cloud patterns. It looked neither flashy nor dull but rather refreshing and elegant. Especially when paired with Ge Xi’s mesmerizing and captivating face, it gave her an ethereal and enchanting aura.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Qing Luan was about to cry, “There is nothing wrong with it, but this is men’s clothing. It’s also the most common men’s clothing in Miracle Healer Academy.”

Hexi smiled and nodded, “Do you want me to change into women’s clothes? Are you not afraid of scaring Old Lady Nangong to death?”

After finishing speaking, Hexi quickly left with Mammy Qi, leaving Qing Luan alone.

Since the Nangong Family would be holding a banquet at Miracle Healer Academy, the event was set at the Mojing Pavilion.

Mojing Pavilion and Bijing Pavilion had enchantments. Hexi had the inscribed jade slip of Bijing Pavilion, but not Mojing Pavilion.

When Hexi arrived before the Mojing Pavilion’s barrier, Mammy Qi handed over an inscribed jade slip to Hexi. She said with an amiable smile, “Mister Xi Yue, your humble servant still has matters to attend to. Please enter the Mojing Pavilion first. There will be someone there to assist you.”

Hexi nodded. Mammy Qi smiled and disappeared in a flash.

In Siam Continent, even an old mammy of the Nangong Family attained the peak level of the Gold Core Stage. Despite so, the Nangong Family could only be regarded as an insignificant small family in Siam Continent.

The evidence pointed out how Siam Continent was completely at another level from Miluo Continent, being more powerful and following the survival of the fittest rule strongly.

Hexi smiled slightly, then she went through the barrier with Qing Luan.

However, just after passing the barrier, Hexi was startled. She sensed something was wrong.

The place before them was a gloomy and eerie emptiness, and the air was filled with sweltering heat.

Hexi gathered spirit in her gaze. She discovered that the area was filled with formations, densely packed with complicated patterns. She hardly understood any of them.

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