Chapter 1538: Aphrodisiac

Chapter 1538: Aphrodisiac

Hexi tried to exert her spiritual power, but the formations immediately operated with luster flowing around the patterns. A heavy suction force took away her spiritual power completely.

Hexi’s expression became dignified and surprised. Obviously, she had fallen into someone’s trap.

The person knew her weaknesses. Hexi was proficient in many things but was lacking in the aspect of formations.

Hexi took a few steps forward. She realized that not only her spiritual power was absorbed, but her stamina also depleted under the formations.

Then, wisps of faint fragrance wafted in the air.

This fragrance carried a hint of sweetness with a faint bloody pungent that was hard to notice by ordinary people. However, given Hexi’s expertise, she could quickly identify it.

It was rosemary, a neurotoxin that confused the mind and stimulated the nerves.

Or, to put it more bluntly, it was an aphrodisiac.

Even though Hexi was aware of it, she inadvertently inhaled a wisp of the drug. Even though she held her breath immediately, the sweet aroma spread through her nose, gradually invading her brain and confusing her mind.

The sound of faint footsteps came slowly from not far away.

Hexi looked over. She seemed to see Nangong Yu slowly walking toward her from a distance with a doting smile.

In Mojing Pavilion, the Nangong Family’s banquet was about to start.

This time, the Nangong Family invited almost all the elders of Miracle Healer Academy, as well as some elite students from various branches.

In addition to the big shots from Miracle Healer Academy and Miracle Healer City, even representatives from the three major families (excluding the Feng Family) also came. However, because the Nangong Family’s banquet was held in a hurry, the four major families could only send martial artists stationed in Miracle Healer City. No core figures were present.

Old Lady Nangong sat at the main seat with a proud and kind smile. She received respectful greetings from Miracle Healer Academy’s dean, Jin Licheng.

Just as they were chatting, a servant’s voice came from outside, “President of the Doctors Association, Lu Xuyang, and the elder, Master Xukong, have arrived.”

Hearing Lu Xuyang’s name, Nangong Hua narrowed his eyes.

He had long known that the Doctors Association’s president, who was well-known in Miluo Continent, had already joined the Green Vine Clan.

The Nangong Family was a force belonging to the Lou Family, and the two were in harmony. However, he didn’t know why Lu Xuyang visited today.

Just as he was thinking, a man wearing a scholar’s robe with a gentle, elegant face slowly approached the hall.

An old man with a white beard and hair exuding a noble air followed behind him. Then, there was a middle-aged man with a robust physique and a sallow complexion.

Seeing this, Lu Zhixi, who was already in her seat, immediately ran over with a smile. She took Lu Xuyang’s hand and said playfully, “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming?”

Lu Xuyang patted Lu Zhixi with a gentle and elegant smile.

Without saying much, he swiftly walked to the front of Old Lady Nangong and Nangong Hua before bowing respectfully to them with Lu Zhixi.

Old Lady Nangong’s face beamed with a smile as she praised Lu Zhixi with a few kind words before instructing the servants to guide them to their seats.

Nangong Hua’s eyes fell on the strange man with a sallow complexion.

The aura emanating from this man was at least the intermediate level of the Soul Splitting Stage, which was almost on par with him.

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