Chapter 1539: A Lively Banquet

Chapter 1539: A Lively Banquet

It appeared that the strange man was from the Green Vine Clan.

Sir Qishan frowned slightly, revealing a smile on his face. With his sallow complexion, he appeared eerie and startling, “What’s the matter? Is President Lu willing to give her out?”

Lu Xuyang laughed, “Sir Qishan, you must be joking. My daughter is just a martial artist of Gold Core Stage in the lower realm. If she can serve Sir Qishan, it will be her blessing. Tonight, I will let my daughter go to Sir Qishan’s residence. Trust me, my little girl will take good~ care of you.”

Qishan smiled upon hearing this. He didn’t continue on this topic, but he looked at Old Lady Nangong and Nangong Hua, “Why does the Nangong Family suddenly hold this family banquet in Miluo Continent?”

Lu Xuyang slowly took a sip from the teacup and said meaningfully, “Sir Qishan, you will find out soon.”

After speaking, Lu Xuyang exchanged a knowing glance with Master Xukong, who was sitting beside him.

Master Xukong understood immediately and sent a message to Lu Zhixi with the inscribed message jade slip.

Not far away, at the banquet where Miracle Healer Academy was located, Lu Zhixi saw the message from Master Xukong. Her body froze suddenly. Her originally tender and beautiful face was completely distorted due to resentment and unwillingness.

Her eyes swept over the so-called Sir Qishan. Seeing his sallow and ugly complexion and muscular yet contorted body, she was so disgusted that she was about to puke.

Fa.. father actually let me serve such a man at night?

Lu Zhixi would rather die than serve that man. However, she recalled the voodoo poison in her body and Lu Xuyang’s cruelty and ruthlessness. Her spirit of resistance was extinguished as if doused with icy water, leaving her feeling defeated.

However, soon enough, Lu Zhixi remembered the scheme she had devised with Tong Bing.

The thought of Xi Yue’s downfall and disapproval by the Nangong family, while she could take advantage of the situation and make Nangong Yu develop feelings for her, crossed her mind. If Nangong Yu falls in love with me and Xi Yue becomes her father’s possession, will Father be willing to let me serve that repulsive man?

After thinking about it, a crazy and ruthless smile appeared on Lu Zhixi’s face.

Almost there! Success is within reach! I don’t need to worry at all!

Master Xukong, who had just sent a message, had a different thought from Lu Zhixi.

To him, it was a blessing to be affiliated with a Soul Splitting Stage expert from the Siam Continent. It would be a golden opportunity to climb to a higher status if one managed to curry favor.

His eyes darted around as he seized the opportunity when Lu Xuyang wasn’t paying attention, and he sent a message to his disciple, Nalan Yurong.

Hehe, as long as Yurong can serve Sir Qishan well, I could replace Lu Xuyang and become the representative of the Green Vine Clan in the lower realm. The Doctors Association will also be mine.

More and more people came to Nangong Family’s family banquet, making it more and more lively.

However, the people seated below harbored various thoughts. Some were restless and excited, some were filled with suspicion and unease, while others were simply curious and bewildered.

Old Lady Nangong stood up and announced loudly, “I have invited you to Nangong Family’s family banquet for two reasons. The first reason is to introduce the eldest grandson of my Nangong Family, who is also the next heir of my Nangong Family — Nangong Yu.”

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