Chapter 1540: Nangong Yu’s Marriage

Chapter 1540: Nangong Yu’s Marriage

Once Old Lady Nangong said this, Nangong Hua’s face turned ugly.

He had eligible sons as heirs and more than one too. However, Old Lady Nangong announced publicly that Nangong Yu would be the next heir of the Nangong Family. How could he accept that willingly in his heart?

However, none of the banquet attendees cared about Nangong Hua’s expression.

Most people were stunned by Old Lady Nangong’s announcement.

Apart from the people from Miracle Healer Academy, many didn’t even know that the King of Hell, Nangong Yu, was originally from the upper realm and the rightful heir of the Nangong Family. No wonder he had such cultivation and power at such a young age!

The announcement struck a commotion in the hall. Everyone was talking about it, but suddenly, everyone’s eyes turned to one place with a shocked expression.

A man dressed in a dark purple robe with intricate patterns emerged slowly from the left side. His figure was slender, and his lustrous black hair was adorned with a jade hairpin, revealing exquisitely refined facial features. The sunlight from outside the hall and the shimmering crystals cast a radiant glow on his face, captivating the hearts and minds of those who stared at him.

In this hall, there were many young talents who were handsome and ambitious. However, everyone seemed to lose their brilliance when this man appeared.

In the banquet below, many women stared at this man obsessively. Their eyes were filled with amazement and obsession. They didn’t even notice that the teacup they held dropped, and the tea splashed on their beautiful dress.

It was the King of Hell, Nangong Yu, the undisputed number one figure in Miluo Continent.

Even the Nangong Family from the Siam Continent couldn’t find a better person than him.

Nangong Hua clenched his fists tightly, gnashing his teeth. The man before him bore no resemblance to his late elder brother, Nangong Aotian. Yet, this sight triggered a rush of memories that had been buried deep within his heart for over a decade.

It was the memories of Nangong Aotian that trampled him and took away his spotlight. If Nangong Yu returns, will I go back to those days? No! I will never accept it!

Lu Zhixi gazed at her crush not far away. Her eyes welled up with tears as she wished she could rush over and embrace him. Despite her enchanting beauty, she couldn’t understand why she fell short of the man, Xi Yue.

Xuan Mu hid his presence in the seats reserved for the Huang Medical Branch to the point where the branch members subconsciously overlooked his existence. He frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

Even he had to admit that Xi Yue was remarkable to the point of surprising him. However, Nangong Yu also proved himself deserving of Xiyue.

Xuan Mu closed his eyes and drank a cup of wine.

He had a bad premonition in his heart as if something unpleasant would happen. Therefore, he, who was dealing with matters outside, rushed back to the academy. Unexpectedly, he happened to be in time for the Nangong Family Banquet.

Did something happen to Xi Yue?

At this moment, a well-dressed mammy walked in from the side door. She walked toward Old Lady Nangong with a smile on her face.

As soon as the Old Lady Nangong saw her, a warm smile spread across her face. She raised her hand and motioned for the noisy crowd to quiet down, “Secondly, I want to announce my grandson, Nangong Yu’s marriage.”

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