Chapter 1541: Something Went Wrong

Chapter 1541: Something Went Wrong

“I believe everyone has heard the recent news about the marriage. Today, I’m here to announce the cheery news. Nangong Yu is about to be engaged, and his partner is the person brought here today by Mammy Qi.”

Old Lady Nangong looked at Mammy Qi and said, “Mammy Qi, what are you still standing there for? Quickly bring the person in! We’ve all been waiting for quite a while.”

Mammy Qi seemed confused. She replied, “Hasn’t Mr. Xi Yue arrived? I sent him outside the enchantment and gave him the inscribed jade slip. I left because I had other matters to attend to. I believe Mr. Xue should have arrived at the banquet hall!”

Upon hearing that, Old Lady Nangong was taken aback. Everyone in the audience showed puzzled expressions.

The incident also attracted the attention of those who were shocked that the Nangong Family agreed to marry Nangong Yu to a man.

Old Lady Nangong reprimanded, “What nonsense are you talking about? No one here has seen Xi Yue at all. Did you mistakenly bring Xi Yue to other places?”

“Old lady, no I didn’t.” Mammy Qi pled her innocence, “The servant in the Bijing Pavilion also saw it. I sent Mr. Xi Yue to the enchantment of the Mojing Pavilion’s entrance before leaving. Could it be Mr. Xi Yue has some urgent business, so he left suddenly.”

Nangong Yu frowned. As he was about to ask, there were panicked footsteps at the door.

Qing Luan stumbled into the hall with disheveled hair and a pale face.

When she saw Nangong Yu, she rushed over, fell to her knees, grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand, and cried, “Master, please save Mr. Xi Yue!”

Nangong Yu’s heart sank. A gloominess surged in his eyes. He asked coldly, “What happened?”

Qing Luan sobbed with red and swollen eyes, “I don’t know what happened… We pass through the Mojing Pavilion’s enchantment with the inscribed jade slip, but I didn’t see Young Master after entering.”

“Moreover, even though I was inside the Mojing Pavilion, someone drugged me and restrained me with iron chains. If it weren’t for the medicine pouch young master gave me, which can counteract most drugs and poisons, I would be bound by golden silk. It will be impossible for me to escape.”

As Qing Luan continued speaking, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. “Even I am in such a situation, Young Master’s situation must be even worse. Someone is plotting against him. Master, please save him!”

A crimson light flashed in Nangong Yu’s eyes. The immense spiritual power spread wildly.

Each person affected by the spiritual pressure looked unsightly and trembled. Even Nangong Hua had to exert all his spiritual energy to resist the pressure.

Nangong Yu’s icy eyes swept toward Mammy Qi. The murderous intent in his eyes seemed to have materialized.

Mammy Qi was so frightened that she started trembling. She fell to the ground and stammered, “Young Master Yu, I’m innocent. It’s not my fault… I’m only responsible for leading the way…”

A golden light flashed in Nangong Yu’s hand. Golden silk flew out and bound Mammy Qi tightly.

“Keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t escape or get killed!” Nangong Yu’s voice was icy cold as he spoke to Qing Luan. “Once I’ve turned every stone in Bijing Pavilion and Mojing Pavilion, if I still can’t find Xi Yue, or if Xi Yue has suffered even the slightest injury, I will slowly come to deal with her.”

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