Chapter 1542: Finding The Traces

Chapter 1542: Finding The Traces

At this time, Nangong Yu’s expression became calm and decisive.

However, if someone looked carefully, he would discover that the hands on his sides were bleeding from the nails embedding in the palm.

Nagong Yu trembled slightly because of fear.

Qing Luan readily agreed as she held the golden silk that bound Mammy Qi.

Mammy Qi opened her mouth wide and wanted to cry for injustice, so she glanced at Old Lady Nangong.

However, after receiving a cold look from Old Lady Nangong, she shivered and shut her mouth.

Xuan Mu walked out from the crowd and said in a deep voice, “I’ll look for Xi Yue with you.”

“We too!” The people from Huang Medical Branch stood up one by one.

“We can also go to Miracle Healer Academy to look for Xi Yue.”

Zeng Shouyue said coldly, “There is an enchantment in Miracle Healer Academy. If Xi Yue passes through it, Dean Jin will know about it. There is no fluctuation in the enchantment, so Xi Yue must still be in the academy. We will search separately, and we will definitely find Xi Yue.”

The search team dispersed and left one by one.

Many people in the hall showed gloating expressions, wondering whether Xi Yue was kidnapped and used to threaten the Nangong Family. Or did he run away secretly because he was unwilling to marry a man?

Only Lu Zhixi squeezed her skirt tightly to refrain herself from bursting into joyful laughter.

Hehe, go look for him! However, even if you find him, it’s too late.

Hahaha, what awaits you is Xi Yue’s tragic end!

After 15 minutes, someone found a torn and tattered blue dress in a remote corner of the backyard of the Mojing Pavilion. Shortly after, they also found a jade pendant, with one half emerald green and the other half golden red.

Upon seeing the jade pendant, Nangong Yu’s pupils shrank.

Nangong Yu naturally knew this jade pendant. Hexi wore it since she was in the Sealed Dragon Domain. Hexi also told him Immortal Xuan Qing gave her this ring-shaped jade pendant. It was also related to the seal in the Sealed Dragon Domain.

If nothing serious happened, Hexi would never allow this jade pendant to be separated from her.

Qing Luan’s face also turned pale as paper as she fell to the ground. The torn, tattered blue dress was the school uniform of Miracle Healer Academy. When Xi Yue came to the banquet today, she wore this attire.

Qing Luan ran over in a stagger and picked up the tattered clothes. A familiar scent entered her nostril. It was indeed Xi Yue’s clothes. Qing Luan could not help but tremble.

Some people who came to see the fun couldn’t help but ask, “Whose clothes are these? Could it be from Xi Yue, who will marry the King of Hell?”

“The clothes are tattered. Could it be something bad happened?”

There were whispers in the crowd and gloating smiles in their eyes. Told you its wrong to have same-sex marriage.Look, something bad happened, right?

Nangong Yu gritted his teeth. His bloodshot eyes swept around, but he didn’t find any traces.

Suddenly, Xuan Mu came in a hurry with a gloomy face. He said, “Someone tampered with the enchantment of Mojing Pavilion. A teleportation array is installed in the enchantment. We couldn’t find out the teleportation direction. Its traces are completely gone.”

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