Chapter 1543: Interrogation

Chapter 1543: Interrogation

Qing Luan clutched her clothes tightly as she blamed herself. If I had followed Miss closely or held onto Miss’s clothes, Miss would not have gone missing. We don’t even know if Miss is safe now!

Suddenly, Qing Luan seemed to have recalled something. She lunged at Mammy Qi, who was subdued, “You! It must be you! The fishy inscribed jade slip to my young master. You deliberately wanted to harm my young master!”

Like a madwoman, Qing Luan pulled Mammy Qi’s hair and beat her up until her face was bruised and swollen. Mammy Qi’s hair was disheveled, and fresh wounds appeared one by one on her face.

Mammy Qi screamed in pain while suppressing her grievances, “Stop it. It’s not me! It’s not me! Help! Old Lady, help! I’m innocent!”

Old Lady Nangong frowned with a complicated expression. She turned to Nangong Yu, intending to say something. However, Nangong Yu’s icy, grim expression made her swallow her words.

Instead, Old Lady Nangong stared at Mammy Qi coldly and said, “You still have the nerve to complain! You’re tasked to escort Xi Yue safely here, but your negligence led to Xi Yue missing. How dare you say you are wronged!?”

As she spoke, she turned to Nangong Yu with a solemn expression, “Yu’er, you have my word. If Mammy Qi is involved, I will not shield her. However, the most important thing now is to find Xi Yue… “

Before Old Lady Nangong finished speaking, Yun Jingxue said in a high pitch, “Mammy Qi has already said that she is wronged. Maybe it has nothing to do with her? Maybe Xi Yue refused to be here, and she put herself in another man’s embrace?”

Before Yun Jingxue finished speaking, Nangong Yu gave a loud slap.

Yun Jingxue was sent flying several meters with a scream, and she landed heavily on the ground. Her pretty face was swollen on one side.

Nangong Yu ignored her words. He put his hand before his mouth and made a whistle.

Soon, the black-robed Xuan Wu descended from the sky and knelt before Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu glanced at Mammy Qi on the ground and said coldly, “You have 15 minutes to get Xi Yue’s whereabouts from her. If you can’t, don’t bother showing your face to me again.”

Xuan Wu shuddered. He quickly bowed and said, “Yes, master!”

Xuan Wu was the leader of Iron Kirin. His cultivation was at Gold Core Stage, but few people knew that he was an interrogation expert under Nangong Yu’s command.

Seeing Nangong Yu’s terrifying expression and recalling his recent words, Xuan Wu’s eyes grew cold. He didn’t bother taking Mammy Qi away for a private interrogation. Instead, he walked straight toward her in front of everyone.

Ah!” The agonizing scream resounded in Mojing Pavilion, striking everyone’s heart like thunder. The onlookers put on an unsightly expression upon witnessing it.

The thick smell of blood permeated the air, followed by the hissing sound of searing the flash. Many people felt nauseated because of the scene.

Yun Jingxue used her spiritual power to heal her injury and walked over to Old Lady Nangong. Hearing the scream and seeing the miserable situation before her, her knees gave way, and she nearly collapsed to the floor.

Even Old Lady Nangong’s face turned pale as she looked at Nangong Yu with fear and complicated emotion.

Old Lady Nangong didn’t expect Nangong Yu to torture the mammy publicly for Xi Yue. Her grandson’s heart was far more ruthless than she imagined.

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