Chapter 1544: Tearing You Into Pieces

Chapter 1544: Tearing You Into Pieces

Nangong Hua’s brows twitched in agitation. He shouted angrily, “Nangong Yu, what are you doing? What the hell is wrong with you? Mammy Qi is an elderly servant by my mother’s side. She has served my mother for so many years. Even if she has no merits, she has certainly put in the hard work.”

“Even if you want to interrogate her about Xi Yue’s whereabouts, you don’t need to use such vicious methods.”

A black sword tinged with a bloody murderous aura appeared in Nangong Yu’s hand.

A flickering flame with a crackling thunder sound rose from the sword. Nangong Yu pointed the sword at Nangong Hua and said slowly, “From now on, I will consider the person pleading for Mammy Qi as the prime suspect in the plot against Xi Yue.”

“Second Uncle, I don’t think you want to know how I will deal with those who harm Xi Yue!”

“No matter who it is, even if the culprit is from the Nangong Family, as long as someone dares to hurt Xi Yue, I will tear him… into pieces!”

Under that overwhelming aura, even though Nangong Hua was a martial artist of the same level, he felt cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.

Old Lady Nangong’s hands hanging by her side trembled, and the wrinkles on her face seemed to have deepened.

Ah… I’ll talk… I’ll talk! I’m willing to confess, spare me, please spare me… sob sob sob…”

Mammy Qi couldn’t bear Xuan Wu’s torture anymore and begged for mercy.

Nangong Yu stepped forward and looked at her coldly as if looking at a pile of rotten flesh.

Mammy Qi trembled, pressed her bloody hands to the ground, and said in a hissing tone, “There is a teleportation array in Mo… Mojing Pavilion’s barrier. The inscribed jade slip I have passed to Xi Yue’s hand isn’t intended to pass through the barrier. In… instead it will teleport the user to another place.”

“Where was Xi Yue teleported to?”

“I don’t know…” Seeing Xuan Wu pick up the torture tool again, Mammy Qi let out a terrified scream, “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I was ordered to bring the person there. All I know is that the place is rigged with traps. Xi Yue would never escape. I really don’t know anything else. Please spare me… please!”

Nangong Yu clenched his fists tightly and said hoarsely, “Who gave you the inscribed jade slip? Who ordered you to harm Xi Yue?”

Mammy Qi raised her head tremblingly, looking at the crowd in panic and hope.

However, before her gaze could even meet the culprit, her body convulsed violently, and she collapsed onto the ground with a thud.

“No! Someone’s trying to silence the truth!” Zeng Shouyue screamed, rushing over to save Mammy Qi.

However, before Zeng Shouyue’s spiritual power could reach Mammy Qi, the flesh on Mammy Qi’s face and hands began to rot and melt. Mammy Qi turned into a puddle of blood. Her death was horrifying.

Mammy Qi’s death indicated someone wanted to silence the truth before Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu couldn’t suppress the fear, regret, and despair in his heart when he thought of the people behind the scenes being so cunning and vicious.

What could happen to Xi’er who had fallen into the trap of these people? Would she get hurt?

If I were to lose Xi’er…

With these thoughts surfacing in his mind, Nangong Yu wanted to kill everyone before him and drag all the creatures in the world into the abyss of hell.

Xuan Mu’s surprised eyes fell on Nangong Yu, and he took a step back unconsciously.

At this moment, Xuan Mu felt the intent that would destroy everything from Nangong Yu. He even felt a hint of fear from the intimidating aura emanating from Nangong Yu.

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