Chapter 1545: Promiscuous

Chapter 1545: Promiscuous

At this moment, a manservant rushed out from the west courtyard of Mojing Pavilion, screaming, “Master, Old Lady Nangong, this is bad. Something has happened to the Third Young Master!”

A hint of malice flashed across Nangong Hua’s eyes. However, he deliberately put on a straight face and said, “What’s all this commotion about? Can’t you see there are so many people here? Didn’t the Third Young Master just get drunk and slept it off all day yesterday? What could possibly have happened?”

The manservant glanced back, and a few guards carried a person over.

The man was obese, but his clothes were ragged, revealing his fat belly. It was the Third Young Master of the Nangong Family, Nangong Xin.

Something was off with Nangong Xin, given the scratches all over his body and face.

His clothes were tattered, and underneath him were nauseating stains.

Despite the scars found on his body, his face held an oddly entranced expression. His eyes were shut, but his complexion bore a distinct flush.

Nangong Xin was writhing restlessly on the stretcher. He clutched the arm of the nearby manservant. His expression was akin to a lecherous swine. His drool trailed from his mouth as he chuckled, “Xi Yue, my darling, come here. Let’s go again! Oh, do you know how much I love you!?”

All the onlookers were stunned by this scene.

The west courtyard was filled with people, but the place fell into a deathly silence.

Lu Zhixi stood behind the crowd, clasping her arms tightly to stop herself from laughing wildly and triumphantly.

This time, I’ve truly ruined Xi Yue. She’s done for, once and for all!

Nangong Hua hid his smile, pretending to be shocked, “No way? Did Xi Yue go missing because she was having an affair with our Third Young Master? Where… where… where did you guys find him?”

The manservant, who had rushed over to report, wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and said, “The Third Young Master appeared out of nowhere as if someone teleported him over. By the time we noticed, he was already in this state.”

Nangong Hua forced a cough before saying regretfully and distressedly, “What’s the matter with this Xi Yue? Our Nangong Family has already accepted him, but he still did such unfaithful acts with the Third Young Master. This has brought shame to the Nangong Family.”

Right on cue, Nangong Xin shifted his body, exposing his white fat flesh. He kept calling out “Xi Yue” non-stop.

Nangong Hua looked at Nangong Yu with a mocking smile, “Yu’er, our Nangong Family won’t accept this man.”

Before Nangong Hua finished his words, Nangong Yu had already swung his sword.

Nangong Hua froze on the spot. He unleashed the Void Spirit Shield in the blink of an eye, responding instinctively to the impending danger.

There was a loud impact. The sword aura swept past Nangong Hua, split into 4 auras, and rushed toward the three manservants carrying Nangong Xin and the unconscious Nangong Xin.

Ahh!” The three manservants died instantly. Their bodies were split in half.

However, someone intercepted the sword aura aimed at Nangong Xin, deflecting it to the nearby building.

With a rumbling noise, the newly constructed west courtyard of the Mojing Pavilion collapsed instantly, turning into nothing but rubble.

It came off as a surprise when Xuan Mu suddenly appeared to intercept Nangong Yu’s attack. Beside him, the others didn’t realize what had happened.

How could this shameless, filthy person dare to defile Xi Yue? He deserves to die a thousand times over. Why did Xuan Mu save him?

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