Chapter 1546: I’m Here

Chapter 1546: I’m Here

Xuan Mu ignored the crowd’s expressions and said coldly, “We can only prove Xi Yue’s innocence when Nangong Xin is alive.”

Jin Zeyu and the others were taken aback but soon gathered their wits. Many members of Huang Medical Branch clenched their fists tightly, suppressing the fear in their hearts. They kept telling themselves that Xi Yue would be fine!

On the other side, Nangong Hua froze for a long time before taking a breath. He pointed at Nangong Yu in shock and fear, screaming, “Nangong Yu, what are you doing? Nangong Xin is your third uncle! Are you going to kill your relative for a promiscuous man?”

Nangong Yu committed another slash that carried a destructive momentum.

Billowing thunderclouds gathered in the sky.

The onlookers were terrified as the thunder struck the ground, scaring them into a hasty retreat.

The scene was struck with chaos. Even Old Lady Nangong was almost knocked over by the crowd.

Everyone, including Lu Zhixi and Yun Jingxue, looked at Nangong Yu with horror.

Nangong Yu put on a calm expression despite everything. However, his pitch-black pupils were painted crimson, like hellfire.

There was no warmth in his eyes. Instead, he wanted to tear anything in his vision into pieces.

Even Qing Luan and Xuan Wu were shocked. They felt that Nangong Yu had turned into another person.

Nangong Yu pointed his sword at Nangong Hua, whose hands were trembling while holding his magic weapon, “Tell me, where is Xi Yue? Otherwise, I don’t mind dragging all of you to hell!”

Nangong Hua retreated step by step. Even as a prominent Soul Splitting Stage cultivator, he feared dying in the face of his nephew at the same cultivation level. He didn’t dare to fight his nephew at all.

As the thunderclouds grew thicker and the tension grew heavier, a pleasant voice, indistinguishable in terms of gender, came from outside the crowd.

“Nangong Yu, I’m here.”

The pleasant voice pierced through the thunder and was transmitted to everyone’s ears with clarity.

Nangong Yu stopped his movement as if a pause button was pressed. Then, he slowly turned around.

The thunderclouds gathered in the sky gradually dissipated as the destruction aura faded.

Everyone turned their heads and looked in the direction of the voice.

A stunningly handsome young man with a cold expression appeared. His gentle and soothing gaze was on the frozen figure of Nangong Yu.

The young man walked toward Nangong Yu slowly. He looked at Nangong Yu with a smile.

It was a faint smile. However, anyone seeing it would feel like they were in the middle of blooming flowers. The gloom over their heart dissipated as if the spring was approaching.

“Nangong Yu, don’t worry. I’m here.”

Nangong Yu stared at her blankly for a long time. Suddenly, he opened his arms and embraced her tightly.

Warm tears overflowed from Nangong Yu’s eyes and buried deep in Hexi’s neck. The tears dropped between the delicate white collarbones without anyone noticing it.

Like the engraving of the soul, the fiery warmth sank deep into Hexi’s heart. It manifested the man’s fear and longing, despair and affection.

Nangong Yu made her his entire world, which was even more important than his life.

Hexi hugged him back and gently patted his back, soothing the man’s emotions that were on the verge of losing control, “Nangong Yu, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Thinking of her experience in that desolate courtyard, Hexi felt a lingering fear.

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