Chapter 1547: Rosemary

Chapter 1547: Rosemary

Hexi couldn’t muster any spiritual power. She couldn’t grab the items out of her storage. Even her stamina was gradually being drained away.

The scent of rosemary that filled the desolate courtyard had a strong aphrodisiac effect. She could barely resist the rosemary’s influence through her spiritual power. Worse still, her stamina depleted as time passed, putting her in a vulnerable state.

Then, another person appeared in the desolate courtyard.

That person also exuded a sweet scent. The scent was like a fuse, triggering the effect of rosemary that Hexi resisted with difficulty.

Her body felt wave after wave of heat, as if the person slowly approaching her was Nangong Yu. He was greeting her with a fond smile.

What surprised Hexi the most was that as the man’s scent approached, her stamina dissipated faster and faster. The effect of rosemary rose to the limit.

At this time, the man had already lunged at her. He eagerly tore her clothes. Amidst the struggle, he even yanked off her jade pendant.

As a last resort, Hexi stabbed herself hard with a wooden hairpin, clearing her mind briefly.

Only then did she see Nangong Xin, who was gasping for breath with an utterly disgusting look, lunging toward her.

However, even though she could see the person in front of her clearly, the heat in her body intensified. Her clothes were soaked in sweat. The heat was so intense that she wished she could tear off her clothes immediately.

Nangong Xin shouted excitedly, “Xi Yue, don’t resist. The only antidote for the rosemary is me. Do it with me, and you will be fine. Baby, lay down below Daddy obediently!”

Hexi dodged desperately, but Nangong Xin’s spiritual power wasn’t restrained. How could her frail body possibly escape Nangong Xin’s violation?

It’s the wood source power the Circle of Life technique produces!

It seems the Circle of Life technique can be activated in this manner.

Hexi was surprised and delighted. She quickly operated the Circle of Life. The life-bearing energy slowly condensed in her dantian, forming an energy vortex that grew increasingly larger.

Her spiritual power started circulating as the wood source power released its energy.

Hexi bit the tip of her tongue fiercely and poured all her spiritual power and Divine Sense into the void, “Little Dumb Cow, come out and take me away.”

Nangong Xin released spiritual pressure. Seeing Hexi’s disheveled state, appearing more frail yet stunningly beautiful, his eyes lit up with desire. He lunged at Hexi ferociously.

The next moment, Nangong Xin bumped into a powerful barrier.

Little Dumb Cow let out a strange roar. The barrier violently threw away Nangong Xin at Nascent Soul Stage, knocking him unconscious.

Immediately afterward, a silver light shone in the desolated place. Hexi disappeared into the light.

She managed to teleport out from this place through Little Dumb Cow’s teleportation ability.

After leaving that strange barrier, Hexi found a remote place and operated the Circle of Life several times before getting rid of all the residual poison in her body.

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