Chapter 1548: Smug Smile

Chapter 1548: Smug Smile

It was an abandoned place in the Miracle Healer Academy. This place was quiet. Nangong Xin, the formation and rosemary that jeopardized Hexi were gone. It appeared as if nothing had happened.

Little Golden Dragon emerged from the void, filled with lingering fear, “Boss, we were trapped in the long-lost Seven Stars Trapping Formation. It takes only seven Gold Core Stage cultivators to trap a cultivator at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. Anything and everything that enters the formation would be restrained, including spiritual power. We watched as you were in danger, but couldn’t do anything about it. Boss, sorry. We were so useless.”

Hexi shook her head, then frowned and said, “I felt the formation weakened for a moment just now. That fleeting opening allowed the Little Dumb Cow to teleport me out from the Seven Stars Trapping Formation. Otherwise, I would still be trapped in the formation even if I teleported.”

Little Golden Dragon nodded and said, “I also felt it. Once the Seven Stars Trapping Formation is installed, there shouldn’t be any opening to escape.”

Immediately, Little Golden Dragon gritted its teeth and said, “Fortunately, we were blessed with the opening, allowing Boss to escape from danger. If not… even though that pig wouldn’t succeed in his intentions, it would be dangerous. Who could be so evil to resort to such methods to harm you?”

Hexi sneered, “The culprit used poison to plot against me, then he must have arranged his plans in the Mojing Pavilion. To find out who orchestrated this plot, we only need to return to the Mojing Pavilion.”

Hexi inspected the desolate courtyard again. Then, she discovered a white jade shard in the corner before returning to the Mojing Pavilion. That was why she came back so late.

Hexi had returned safe and sound. Naturally, some were happy, and some were filled with grievances.

Seeing Hexi was safe, Lu Zhixi was so furious that she nearly broke her well-maintained nails.

Then, Lu Zhixi had a closer look at Hexi’s state. She had disheveled hair, and her clothes were stained with blood. Most importantly, she wore ordinary clothing instead of the uniform of the Miracle Healer Academy.

A smug smile appeared on Lu Zhixi’s face.

Haha, Xi Yue, keep pretending! You’re no longer a maiden. What right do you have to bask in glory? What right do you have to stand beside Nangong Yu?

Old Lady Nangong suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Hexi’s hand, and said, “Are you, Xi Yue?”

There was a gleam in Hexi’s eyes, and she nodded.

Old Lady Nangong immediately had tears in her eyes and choked up, “My children, you have suffered. Thank goodness you’re fine now! Come on, let’s go to the banquet hall right away.”

Just as Old Lady Nangong was talking, Nangong Xin, who was unconscious on the stretcher beside them, suddenly moaned lustfully, “Xi Yue, baby, let’s do it again~”

There was an instant silence.

Old Lady Nangong’s expression seemed to freeze momentarily before she snapped, “What are you all doing? Hurry up and shut Third Master’s mouth. How long will you let him spout nonsense?!”

Hexi narrowed her eyes slightly. She withdrew her hand from Old Lady Nangong.

She heard from Qing Luan that the person who led her into the Seven Stars Trapping Formation was Mammy Qi.

She heard that Mammy Qi had been working with Old Lady Nangong for decades. Would the old lady not know what had happened?

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