Chapter 1549: I Don’t Care

Chapter 1549: I Don’t Care

Nangong Xin’s mouth was gagged, and his body warped in a robe. He unconsicously emitted moans and heavy breathing from time to time, reminding everyone of what he had said and done.

Everyone walked toward the banquet hall.

On their way, Nangong Yu hugged Hexi tightly, refusing to let her out of his embrace even for a step. He treated her like a lost treasure that had been found again, fearing that he might lose her if he let go of his hand even a little.

Nangong Yu ignored what the people around him said and did.

Upon entering the banquet hall, Nangong Yu, with Xi Yue in his arms, walked up to Old Lady Nangong who was seated at the main seat. He said firmly in a clear and steady voice, “Grandmother, now that Xi Yue has safely returned, please proceed with our engagement.”

Upon hearing this, the entire room fell into an even deeper silence. Everyone was stunned by Nangong Yu’s action.

Has Nangong Yu lost his mind? Doesn’t he understand what the timing and return of Xi Yue’s return have indicated? Did he not hear what Nangong Xin said?

Old Lady Nangong’s face also showed a troubled expression. She glanced at Hexi, then at Nangong Yu. She wanted to speak but hesitated.

Nangong Yu’s face turned grim as he said slowly, “If Grandma is unwilling to officiate it, then I will have to announce it myself. Today, I am determined to marry Xi Yue, and no one can stop me!'”

Old Lady Nangong’s face froze. A hint of disbelief revelead in her eyes.

Lu Zhixi, who was standing below the main seat, couldn’t hold back anymore at this point. She stepped forward, looking at Hexi seemingly with good intentions, “Student Xi Yue, could you tell us where you’ve been and what happened? We have been worried about you for a long time. We all want to know the truth about what’s happening.”

Yun Jingxue pretended to be concerned and said, “Yeah, Xi Yue, you seem injured, and your clothes are tattered. What happened? Do you want to get the doctor from the Doctors Association to examine you? If you’re hurt, you don’t need to act tough. Nangong Family will seek justice for you.”

As she spoke, she also cast a hinting glance at Nangong Xin at the side. Even a fool could see what the expression on her face meant.

The crowd below the main seat whispered one by one, looking at Hexi with a weird gaze.

Some people showed pity, some sighed, and some looked down on her, whispering in disdain. He’s been violated by another man, and he still has the nerve to show his face publicly. Shouldn’t he have preserved his honor through death?

Nangong Yu’s face was icy cold. The bloody aura in his eyes was looming again.

Hexi grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand and looked at him deeply, “Nangong Yu, aren’t you curious about where I’ve been and what happened during this past hour?”

“I don’t care!” Nangong Yu abruptly hugged her tightly and tremblingly as if he was afraid she would vanish, “Xi’er, I only want you to come back safely. No matter what, you are my only true love. As for those who hurt you, I will make them regret coming to this world.”

But at this moment, the only thing Nangong Yu wanted to do; the only thing he wildly and impatiently longed to do, was to marry Xi Yue and announce to the world that Xi’er was his only wife!

Nangong Hua sneered, pointed at the tattered robe and ring-shaped jade pendant, and said grimly, “Xi Yue, are these two items yours?”

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