Chapter 1550: No One Can Stop Me

Chapter 1550: No One Can Stop Me

Hexi raised her eyebrows, “So what?”

“So, you must have an affair with Third Brother!” Nangong Hua stared at Xi Yue fiercely. His eyes were filled with disgust and contempt, “What makes someone like you have the right to marry into my Nangong Family? I won’t allow it!”

“Moreover, you’ve already been intimate with Third Brother. If you’re to marry, it should be with him. As for your engagement to Nangong Yu, consider it over!”

The audience was in an uproar. Many people looked at Xi Yue with gloating eyes.

Before Hexi said anything, Nangong Yu stared fiercely at Nangong Hua with sharp eyes. The bloody murderous aura in his eyes seemed to be overflowing.

Nangong Yu said slowly in a low voice, “I’ll say it again. I’m determined to set the engagement with Xi Yue today. No one can stop me!”

“Nangong Hua, since you say that Xi Yue isn’t fit to marry into the Nangong family, I will cut off my ties with the Nangong family. Then, what right do you have to dictate who I will marry?”

Nangong Hua’s eyes widened suddenly. He couldn’t believe what he heard.

Old Lady Nangong’s hands trembled, looking at Nangong Yu and Hexi with horror.

What is happening? Why did things go in a different direction than we had expected?

Knowing that Xi Yue had been defiled by his uncle, shouldn’t Nangong Yu despise Xi Yue and even kill Xi Yue?

However, the current situation is beyond our control. Nangong Yu does not despise Xi Yue, but would rather leave the Nangong Family to marry him.

What magic does this boy named Xi Yue have? What makes Nangong Yu devoted to him?

The situation fell into a stalemate. Then, a thin figure stumbled in from the back hall and rushed toward Nangong Xin, “Third Master, Third Master, what happened to you? Why did you end up like this? *Sob*… Who did this to you?”

Everyone was stunned by the arrival of this person. Lu Zhi Xi, whose face was originally twisted with hatred, broke into a joyous smile upon seeing the person.

The thin young man who appeared out of nowhere wore a white mask on his face. Only the slightly red and swollen lips and teary eyes were exposed.

He first grabbed the unconscious Nangong Xin and cried for a while. Then, with tears in his eyes, he swept his gaze across the confused crowd and rest his gaze on Hexi in the end.

His puzzled gaze trembled, then his pupils suddenly contracted. Despite wearing a mask, everyone could tell the terror in his eyes, “You… you… it was you! Did you do this to Third Master…? Did you harm Third Master…?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows. She thought: Bingo, now the people pulling the strings at the back finally show one by one.

As for this masked young man, Hexi quickly figured out who he was because of the familiar crying and pitiful appearance.

Tong Bing, this is truly unexpected. I have taken away your life force and broke your spine in the magical forest, but you even survive through that.

Tong Bing threw ambiguous words that surprised the crowd.

Yun Jingxue hurriedly said, “You have to explain yourself. What’s going on? Who harmed Third Master? Is it Xi Yue? If you don’t speak out soon, Xi Yue will be engaged to Cousin Yu.”

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