Chapter 1551: Recording Stone

Chapter 1551: Recording Stone

Yun Jingxue impatiently shoved him. Suddenly, Tong Bing shook, emitting a spiritual power fluctuation.

Immediately afterward, something in his hand lit up. A video projection flashed in the space above the hall.

It was a barren courtyard, but no one paid attention to where the courtyard was. Instead, all the eyes focused on the center of the projection.

Before Xi Yue was a fat man who was gasping for breath. His eye was filled with lust as he lunged at Xi Yue. Sure enough, that person was Nangong Xin.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, shocked by the sight in front of them.

The members of the Huang Medical Branch clenched their fists. Some of them bit their lips so hard that they almost bled.

Tong Bing looked at Hexi in panic as if he wanted to throw away the stone in his hand, “I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. I found this recording stone at the gate of the Third Master’s courtyard. I only secretly took a glance… *Sob*, I’m just worried about Third Master. I didn’t do this on purpose…”

The content in the projection was straightforward. Xi Yue tried to dodge, but Nangong Xin pounced on her. Then, Xi Yue’s breathing became more and more rapid. She sweated profusely on her face.

Later on, Nangong Xin grabbed a corner of Xi Yue’s clothes and yanked it, tearing off the Miracle Healer Academy uniform. Even the ring-shaped jade pendant was thrown to the ground by the frantic Nangong Xin.

Nangong Yu’s arms around Hexi tightened. His eyes on the projection were cold and deep, giving off a looming crimson light. However, he didn’t act immediately and watched the projection coldly.

Hexi held Nangong Yu’s cold hand and patted it lightly. She smiled after noticing that his nerves were slowly relaxing.

Then, the projection revealed a different shooting angle of the scene. The people in the projection were blurred with pillars blocking it from time to time.

However, everyone could tell that the thinner man had lost his strength and was pinned to the ground by Nangong Xin.

His clothes were torn into pieces, revealing the young man’s thin, flexible, and fair body.

Nangong Xin kept calling Xi Yue. He pressed the naked young man under him, hurriedly tore off his clothes, and then pressed him down after a roar.

The projection became more distant and blurred, but the moans and gaspings for breath were vividly clear.

Everyone heard the young man wailing in the recording as Nangong Xin assaulted him, “Nangong Xin, don’t you dare! Nangong Yu will not let you go! I’m the one he wants to marry!”

Nangong Xin assaulted the young man with a fascinated expression. He laughed wildly, “You’re already mine now. Do you truly believe that Nangong Yu would still marry someone like you, someone who’s been used? Hahaha… sweetheart, you’d better behave and serve me well. That’s your only future.”

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