Chapter 1552: Male Or Female

Chapter 1552: Male Or Female

“How about it? Does it feel good now?”

As the two engaged with each other passionately, the young man, who initially seemed to resist adamantly, started to lose himself, emitting moans and gasps that made one’s heart flutter and cheeks blush.

Everyone in the hall was dead silent. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

On the contrary, Qing Luan and Xuan Wu looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

The person in the projection was a young man, but their princess was a woman.

Hmph, who is the sly and despicable jerk that’s stupid enough to record a video intending to frame our princess without even knowing whether our princess is a man or a woman?

Qing Luan patted her chest. She suddenly noticed her hands were all sweaty, and even her forehead was covered in beads of sweat.

At the beginning of the recording, when the person’s clothes hadn’t been torn off yet, Qing Luan thought it was Xi Yue. The despair and fear in her heart almost made her want to scream out loud. It wasn’t until the young man’s naked body was revealed that she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at Nangong Yu not far away, Qing Luan smacked her tongue. From the beginning of the video playback, she and Xuan Wu were nervous. Everyone else looked shocked, but their master looked calm. His eye only contained Hexi, as if he didn’t care about what was happening around him.

Suddenly, someone shouted in disgust, “Xi Yue is so shameless. Just look at him, he’s clearly enjoying it. I don’t think the Third Master of the Nangong Family violated him. It’s more like Xi Yue throwing himself to the Third Master.”

Qian Dazhuang was furious, pointing at the man and yelling, “Shut up. That young man is not Xie Yue. Don’t spread false rumors! I will beat you up!”

Tch, your excuses are pointless. Didn’t you see Xi Yue’s face right at the beginning? The recording stone can’t be faked. If that person isn’t Xi Yue, who would it be then? Moreover, there’s the outfit and jade pendant evidence. Even the position of the blood stains on the clothing matches exactly with Xi Yue. Who would believe you even if you said that person isn’t Xi Yue?”

Tsk tsk, it’s one thing to be a toy boy for Nangong Yu, but he’s still having an affair with Nangong Yu’s uncle. That’s too shameless.”

“In my opinion, Xi Yue wasn’t willing. With Nangong Yu being so outstanding, how could he be interested in a fat pig like Nangong Xin?”

“No matter if it was voluntary or forced, it had happened. Xi Yue had been defiled. Do you think Xi Yue still has the right to marry Nangong Yu?”

Given the video footage thus far, along with the recent discovery and Nangong Xin’s behavior, most people in the hall now believe that Nangong Xin had violated Xi Yue.

Everyone was sneaking glances at Hexi with contempt, pity, and gloating in their eyes.

Then, Tong Bing rushed toward Yun Jingxue, snatching the summoning stone from her hand and stuttering, “Stop it, don’t play the recording stone anymore! Even if something did happen between Xi Yue and the Third Master, broadcasting such footage is like forcing Xi Yue to death, isn’t it? This kind of filthy thing should not exist in this world.”

As Tong Bing said so, he harnessed the spiritual power in his hand to destroy the recording stone.

However, a black light suddenly flashed before his spiritual power reached the recording stone.

The recording stone in Tong Bing’s hand disappeared. A spiritual pet resembling a little black dragon leisurely flew to Hexi with the recording stone in its mouth and put the recording stone in her hand.

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