Chapter 1554: So What

Chapter 1554: So What

Nangong Yu accepts Xi Yue even after seeing another person defiled Xi Yue. Could Xi Yue have inflicted voodoo poison on Nangong Yu, causing him to lose all his sense of reason?

Even Lu Zhixi had this thought in her heart. She stared at Hexi in Nangong Yu’s arms, and her eyes were full of resentment and hatred.

That’s right. Xi Yue must have cast a voodoo on Nangong Yu! Otherwise, why would Nangong Yu be so obsessed with him?

The hall was filled with whispers as everyone commented and pointed at Hexi and Nangong Yu.

Nangong Hua coughed loudly, took a few steps forward, and said to Hexi, “Xi Yue, since you have been intimate with Third Brother, I agree to let you marry into my Nangong Family and become my Third Brother’s lawful wife!”

As he said that, he frowned in disgust, “Originally, a mere toy boy like you is not qualified to marry into our Nangong Family. However, for the sake of your master, Immortal Xuan Qing, I will allow my Third Brother to marry you.”

At this moment, Tong Bing, who squatted beside the unconscious Nangong Xin, did something and made Nangong Xin wake up faintly.

As soon as Nangong Xin saw Hexi, his eyes immediately lit up with infatuation and triumph. He murmured excitedly, “Darling, my darling Xi Yue, let’s go for more…”

As he spoke, drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth. Paired with his chubby face, the sight was disgusting.

A smug smile flashed across Nangong Hua’s face. He coughed again and said, “Third Brother, what nonsense are you spouting? How could you behave so recklessly? You have defiled Immortal Xuan Qing’s disciple. However, since you two have spent intimate moments together, you have to marry him. Even though our Nangong Family doesn’t want to have a man as a wife, we have no other choice now!”

Nangong Hua worded it helplessly as if the Nangong Family was the victim.

Nangong Xin excitedly jumped from the ground, oblivious to the disheveled clothing. He pounced at Xin Yue, “Darling Xi Yue, don’t worry. I will take responsibility for you!”

With a face like that, Nangong Xin would never grow tired of it, even if he looked at it for a lifetime! Moreover, he was under the influence of the drug, so he couldn’t appreciate Xi Yue’s peerless beauty in the desolate yard. He felt he didn’t enjoy the experience to the fullest. However, he could have all the fun he wanted after marrying Xi Yue. Thinking of defiling Nangong Yu’s lover, the blood in his body boiled in excitement.

However, a sharp white light whizzed toward him before Nangong Xin got close to Xi Yue.

Nangong Hua, who was behind Nangong Xin, quickly reacted to pull him back from danger with spiritual power.

Yet, Nangong Xin let out a shriek like a pig being slaughtered. A large amount of blood gushed out between his legs.

The sword light was one inch away from castrating Nangon Xin. He was lucky that Nangong Hua pulled him back.

Pointing at Nangong Yu, who was calmly sheathing his sword, Nangong Hua roared in fury, “Nangong Yu, have you lost your mind? He’s your uncle! Are you trying to castrate him?”

“So what?” Nangong Yu sneered, “If anyone dares to insult Xi Yue, I don’t mind castrating a few more people.”

Even though Nangong Xin avoided being castrated, his femoral artery was severed. He lost a lot of blood and passed out. Despite immediate medical attention, he was barely clinging to life with an ashen face.

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