Chapter 1555: How Can This Person Be A Young Lady?

Chapter 1555: How Can This Person Be A Young Lady?

He looked at Old Lady Nangong and said sternly, “Mother, you decide how to settle this matter!”

He didn’t believe Old Lady Nangong would agree to let Nangong Yu marry a defiled man like Xi Yue.

Old Lady Nangong’s face wore an expression filled with distress, sorrow, fear, and conflict.

She looked at Nangong Yu and then at Xi Yue, and tears streamed down her face. She wanted to say something but couldn’t bear it.

The hostility in Nangong Yu’s heart dissipated a lot immediately.

Only Old Lady Nangong had never said anything bad about Xi Yue since the beginning.

Nangong Yu sighed softly and said to Old Lady Nangong, “Grandma, that person is not Xi Yue.”

Old Lady Nangong was stunned momentarily, not understanding what Nangong Yu meant.

Yun Jingxue, who was supporting Old Lady Nangong, exclaimed in shock, “Cousin Yu, stop deceiving yourself. Anyone with eyes can tell that that person is Xi Yue. Have you lost your mind because of this man?”

Everyone nodded one after another and looked at Nangong Yu with pity.

The King of Hell fell in love with a man so crazy that he couldn’t even think straight.

However, Nangong Yu started to laugh softly. There was a hint of mockery in his soft laughter, which soon became a hearty laughter.

Nangong Yu couldn’t wait to see the wonderful expressions of the people who framed Xi Yue when they knew the truth.

Old Lady Nangong stepped forward in a panic and grabbed Nangong Yu’s hand, “Yu’er, what’s wrong with you? Do scare your grandma like that?”

Nangong Yu patted Old Lady Nangong’s hand with a leisurely smile, “Grandmother, I’m fine. That person isn’t Xi Yue. I swear on my deceased parents that misfortune will befall me if I’m lying.”

The people present were even more shocked. What’s going on? Nangong Yu actually made such a serious oath?

Old Lady Nangong was nervous and said in a panic, “Take back your words. Why are you swearing like that?”

Then, Old Lady Nangong paused, wondering, “Yu’er, why are you so sure?”

Nangong Yu didn’t answer, but he asked Hexi, who was not far away, with a glance.

Xi Yue nodded with a gentle smile, only then did Nangong Yu speak up, “Because the Xi Yue I admire is not a man at all but the woman I deeply cherish. The person Nangong Xin violated in the recording stone was clearly a man, so how could he be Xi Yue?”


“How can that be?!”

The audience was in an uproar, and all eyes were on Xi Yue.

Afterward, they shook their heads together.

No! It’s impossible! No matter how you look at it, the person in front of us is a young man. Even though he is exceptionally handsome and has a delicate frame, look at his brows and the subtle hint of a developing Adam’s apple…

How can this person be a young lady?

Old Lady Nangong froze for a long while before saying, “Yu’er… Yu’er, I understand that you… you can’t accept this reality for a while, but you can’t deceive yourself like this. Xi Yue is clearly a man. How can he be a young lady?”

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