Chapter 1556: Are You Blind?

Chapter 1556: Are You Blind?

“Yeah. Everyone on the Miluo Continent knows that Xi Yue, the young master of Shengde Hall, is a man. Aren’t you just talking nonsense?”

“He’s right. Xi Yue is talented, and he shows excellent combat prowess. I’ve heard that he is a decisive person. Few men can do that, let alone a woman.”

The members of the Miracle Healer Academy were stunned. Shock filled their eyes, and it was quickly replaced with disbelief.

Even the unflappable Xuan Mu had his pupils shrank at this moment. He locked his gaze firmly on Xi Yue.

I had shared a dorm with Xi Yue for quite a while. Xi Yue, who had never exhibited any trace of femininity, is a woman? How is it possible? However, with my understanding of Nangong Yu, he wouldn’t lie about such a matter.

Tong Bing laughed sharply and said hysterically, “Nangong Yu, even if you want to fabricate lies, at least make them believable! Who in Miracle Healer Academy doesn’t recognize Xi Yue? Who doesn’t know that Xi Yue is a man? No one will believe your lies.”

Before Nangong Yu could reply, Hexi had already chuckled lightly.

Looking at Tong Bing, she sneered, “Tong Bing, I have lived in the same dormitory with you for so long, and I didn’t know that you liked man. Furthermore, you were willing to be someone else’s toy boy. How would you know if I’m a man or a woman?”

Tong Bing’s complexion twisted for a moment. His mask trembled slightly on his face. He couldn’t even deny that he was Tong Bing. He shouted hysterically, “We can all see your gender. Don’t treat us as if we’re blind.”

On the contrary, when Qian Dazhuang and the others heard the name, Tong Bing, their complexions changed. They looked at him with hostility.

Hexi sneered and said leisurely, “Oh? Really? Then, let’s see if your eyes are blind.”

As soon as Hexi finished speaking, she had a special potion in her hand.

The potion carried the fragrance of Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. She wiped it on her face, hands, and neck.

In the blink of an eye, the previously handsome, elegant, and heroic young man lost his masculinity.

The bushy eyebrows had transformed into thin, arching eyebrows, resembling the curved willow leaves. Seeing them from afar made them look like graceful eyebrows.

The long, narrow eyes carrying the grace of a phoenix lost their sharp coldness. Instead, those eyes took an air of innocence and allure.

The formerly convincing Adam’s apple had disappeared, revealing the neck and collarbone as fair as jade.

Although the attire remained the same and even the hairstyle didn’t change, everyone still felt there was something different from Xi Yue.

The person standing before them was no longer a striking young man but a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

Xi Yue had the perfect disguise that fooled everyone. It was so convincing that despite her stunning beauty, she misled everyone about her gender.

Hiss—” There were gasps of surprise throughout the hall.

Those in the Miracle Healer Academy who got along with Xi Yue day and night, even often hanging out together, were completely stunned. They stared at Xi Yue, not knowing where to put their hands and feet.

Oh! My hand was on Xi Yue’s shoulder; Xi Yue checked my pulse before; when I was out hunting and doing missions, I had “shared the same bed” with Xi Yue…

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