Chapter 1557: Physical Examination

Chapter 1557: Physical Examination

Some people were blushing, some had their eyeballs opened widely in shock, and some were still in disbelief and kept wiping their eyes.

When everyone was immersed in the shock of Xi Yue being a woman, Tong Bing screamed hysterically, “Impossible! How could you be a woman?! That’s not true!”

That scream was even more piercing and shrill than a woman’s, causing many people in the hall to frown in discomfort.

Lu Zhixi, who was not much better than Tong Bing, also snapped out of her shock and horror, shouting in a piercing voice, “Xi Yue, did you use an illusion? Yes, you must have used some deceptive disguise! How can you possibly be a woman? If you’re a woman, why did you keep pretending to be a man and deceive everyone?!”

Before Hexi could speak, Qing Luan stepped forward angrily to stop Zhixi. She said resentfully, “My Miss is always a woman. She wears men’s clothes for convenience. What’s the matter? Does the Miracle Healer Academy prohibit women from dressing up as a man to study here? It’s your fault for being blind and ignorant. You don’t have the right to blame it on my Miss.”

Lu Zhixi’s face twisted in anguish as she looked at Xi Yue and Nangong Yu. She felt as if her chest was clawed fiercely by a cat’s paw. The pain was so intense that she wanted to scream hysterically.

Xi Yue destroyed her pride and self-esteem over the past six months. This young man was more charming and had higher cultivation and better medical skills than her. Her only consolation was that Xi Yue was a man. She felt she was more suitable for Nangong Yu than a man.

But now, reality slapped her hard. Xi Yue is actually a woman?! How could this be possible?

Nangong Hua’s face also darkened. The perfect opportunity to eliminate Xi Yue and tarnish Nangong Yu’s reputation was ruined simply because of a gender transformation.

Nangong Hua stepped forward, looked at Xi Yue, and sneered, “You self-proclaimed you’re a woman, and you expect us to believe you? I even can argue that your current appearance is nothing more than a disguise!”

“That’s right!” Yun Jingxue also came back to her senses. She held Old Lady Nangong’s sleeve and questioned, “Unless you can prove you are a woman. Otherwise, why should we believe you? Old Lady Nangong, am I right?”

Old Lady Nangong’s expression turned complicated. Looking at Xi Yue and Yun Jingxue, there seemed to be hesitation in her eyes, but she didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Nangong Yu looked at Nangong Hua coldly. He sneered, “Then, my Second Uncle, how do you want us to prove it?”

Nangong Hua rolled his eyes before he smirked, “Of course, the easiest way is to take off her clothes in public and verify it. In this way, no one will doubt whether Xi Yue is a man or a woman!”

“You’re courting death—!” A flash of red light gleamed in Nangong Yu’s eyes as he swung his Xuan Yuan Sword.

Nangong Hua frantically dodged, narrowly avoiding the sword light that grazed his cheek. It cut through the protective layer of spiritual power and nearly severed his ear.

“You—!” Nangong Hua held his cheek. His face flushed, and he stared at Nangong Yu fiercely.

As the family master of the Nangong Family, his reputation was tarnished for these past two days. To make matters worse, it happened in front of the members of the Green Vine Clan.

Old Lady Nangong frowned and said, “Why don’t we let my mammy examine Xi Yue?”

A cold smile flashed in Hexi’s eyes, and she looked at Nangong Yu.

The so-called physical examination, whether conducted in public or private, was a huge insult to her.

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