Chapter 1558: Switching Back To Women’s Clothing

Chapter 1558: Switching Back To Women’s Clothing

If Nangong Yu dared to let the mammy physically examine her, Hexi would beat him until his nose was bruised and his face was swollen.

This was the first time Nangong Yu showed a stern expression to Old Lady Nangong. He spoke resolutely, “I know better than anyone else whether Xi Yue is a man or a woman. I don’t need any proof. The person marrying Xi Yue is me. Since I said she is a woman, then she is a woman. It has nothing to do with whether the others believe me.”

Old Lady Nangong’s complexion froze. Her hands hidden in her sleeves were clenched into fists, and her smile became forced, “Yu’er, you ar.. are right. Grandma has gone too far.”

At this time, Tong Bing interjected in a crisp voice, “Your Highness King of Hell, I think you should examine Xi Yue’s gender. Otherwise, how can you prove that the person who had an affair with the Third Master is not Xi Yue? Even if Your Highness King of Hell doesn’t mind, it’s still important to consider the reputation of the Nangong Family. We wouldn’t want Old Lady Nangong to become a laughingstock, right?”

“Tong Bing, you’re a nobody with no right to speak here.” Qian Dazhuang, stunned by Xi Yue’s female identity, returned to his senses. He pointed at Tong Bing and scolded, ” If it weren’t for Xi Yue saving you and helping you back then, Butler Hu’s son would have beaten you to death long ago. How dare you repay kindness with malice, and you even become a toyboy! Shut up! It’s disgusting even to speak with you! Xi Yue’s biggest mistake was saving a scum like you!”

After returning from the magical beast forest, many people knew about Tong Bing’s sneak attack on Xi Yue. These people didn’t like Tong Bing in the first place. Later, when Wei Chengyuan told about Xi Yue’s rescue of Tong Bing, many people felt sorry for Xi Yue. However, everyone put the matter aside since Tong Bing was dead.

Unexpectedly, he dared to make a public accusation right now at this place.

Fleeting hatred and resentment flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes. However, he quickly put on a pitiful and innocent look. He even took off the white mask to reveal his face.

Tong Bing’s appearance was deceptive. His crying look would really make people feel that he was being framed. “If Xi Yue is truly a woman and if she truly has a clear conscience, isn’t verifying her gender the easiest solution? Did I say something wrong?”

Wei Chengyuan, who had been silently on the side, stood up. With an elegant smile, he commented, “Actually, there is an easier way to prove that Xi Yue is a woman. If we let Xi Yue change back to women’s clothing, everything will be clear, right?”

Everyone was startled. Then, they returned to their senses one after another, looking at Xi Yue in unison. Their eyes were filled with anticipation and curiosity.

Some people looked at Xi Yue’s gorgeous face and couldn’t help but swallow quietly.

Miluo Continent’s martial artists’ outfits were not as conservative as the traditional ones in ancient times. Most of them accentuated the women’s figures, making them a fairy.

Xi Yue wore men’s clothes, so it was difficult to discern her figure. However, the truth would be revealed after she put on women’s clothes.

How would Xi Yue, who was already so stunning in men’s clothing, look in women’s clothing?

Even Nangong Yu couldn’t help but show a fascinated expression. Speaking of which, even he had never seen Xi Yue formally wearing women’s clothing. During their time in the Nalan Family, Xi’er was mostly in disguise.

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