Chapter 1559: Clothing

Chapter 1559: Clothing

Nangong Yu wanted to see Xi Yue in women’s clothes, but only for his eyes. It’s even better if I can undress her, but definitely not giving the people here a free show.

Thinking of this, he immediately said with a sullen face, “No…”

“Sure!” It came off as a surprise when Hexi agreed faster than Nangong Yu. She nodded before looking at a young lady from the Huang Medical Branch, “Excuse me, can you lend me a set of women’s clothing?”

It was embarrassing to iterate it. Ever since she annihilated the Nalan family, she found the clothes from Nalan Hexi to be worn and cumbersome, so she threw them away. She had thought about buying a few suitable women’s outfits for later use but never had the time.

That young lady was from Huang Medical Branch, so she naturally had unconditional admiration and love for Xi Yue like a crazy fan.

Hearing Xi Yue’s request for her clothes, she became so excited that her hands and feet began to shake. She fumbled around with her storage ring for quite some time but was too flustered to take out anything from it.

Her face was flushed red as she stuttered, “Just… just a moment… I’ll… I’ll get the clothes right away… Xi Yue, wait for me… I have clothes. I have really beautiful… clothes…”

Hexi smiled slightly. She wanted to calm the young lady down, but the young lady had already brought over a light green dress. Judging by the fabric and design, it was very fashionable and beautiful. This was already the girl’s best dress.

Yun Jingxue eyed the woman’s dress and glanced at Xi Yue’s face. She was resentful that she had an urge to rush over and scratch Xi Yue’s face.

When she first thought Xi Yue was a man, she was already jealous. Now, her sanity was on the brink of being consumed by the flames of envy. As for Nangong Yu, it would be great if she could marry him, but she felt it didn’t matter if she couldn’t. Most of the young masters of the prominent families in the Siam Continent were willing to curry favor with her because of her beautiful face.

What Yun Jingxue hated the most was not that Xi Yue stole her man away but that Xi Yue had a more outstanding face than her!

Suddenly, Yun Jingxue recalled a gorgeous dress and how hideous it looked when she wore it.

A grim smile slowly spread from the depths of her eyes, eventually turning into the joy of gloating over another’s misfortune.

As long as Xi Yue puts on that dress, she will show her true colors, no matter whether she is a man or a woman.

At that time, everyone will realize that I, Yun Jingxue, am the true beauty. Xi Yue is pale in comparison. Cousin Yu will undoubtedly lose interest because she will turn ugly.

With that thought, Yun Jingxue quickly spoke up to stop Xi Yue from taking the clothes from her fan, “Hold on.”

All eyes were on Yun Jingxue, even Old Lady Nangong looked at her questioningly.

Yun Jingxue took Lady Nangong’s hand and said with a sweet smile, “Lady Nangong, don’t you think that with Xi Yue’s beauty, ordinary women’s clothing simply doesn’t suit her?”

Old Lady Nangong was taken aback for a moment, then her eyes widened slightly as if she had thought of something.

Yun Jingxue’s eyes revealed an unmistakable triumph, “I believe only that dress is worthy of Xi Yue’s beauty. Lady Nangong, didn’t you say that dress is the Nangong family heirloom intended for the daughter-in-law of the Nangong family?”

Old Lady Nangong said with astonishment, “But that dress…”

“Old Lady Nangong!” Yun Jingxue shook Old Lady Nangong’s hand playfully. A fleeting cold glint flashed in her eyes, “Could it be that you are not satisfied with Xi Yue? You think she isn’t good enough for Cousin Yu?”

Old Lady Nangong looked troubled. In the end, Yun Jingxue’s attitude convinced her to summon the servant to bring the heirloom over.

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