Chapter 1561: I Love It

Chapter 1561: I Love It

Hexi had never seen a dazzling dress that could make all other women look unattractive like a village girl.

However, it was not only the beauty of the dress that amazed Hexi. Instead, she felt her heart throbbing when the jade box was opened.

Hexi reached out her hand and stroked the dress lightly. It was smooth and warm to the touch while remaining soft and pliable.

When Hexi’s hand made contact with the dress, Lu Zhixi showed a distorted and hateful expression. She had a burning desire in her heart for this dress. She felt it was a symbol of glory and beauty that should belong to her.

Hexi asked, “Does this dress have a name?”

The mammy was stunned by this question. She was startled as her eyes met Hexi’s enchanting eyes. There was a remarkable clarity in Hexi’s eyes as if this young lady was not tempted by the splendor of the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.

Before the mammy said anything, Yun Jingxue stepped forward and sneered, “This is Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, but it is a family heirloom of the Nangong Family. It is a rare treasure even in Siam Continent. Sister Xi Yue, why don’t you try it?”

Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress? It’s actually that dress! Hexi murmured. As she pronounced the name, she felt the purple jade hairpin in her void tremble slightly. The jade box that stored the purple jade hairpin opened on its own, emitting a luminous glow.

Hexi couldn’t help but sneer as she recalled the unique characteristic of the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress that her master had mentioned.

No wonder Yun Jingxue wants to let me wear the Nangong Family heirloom so badly. She hopes I will look dull and ugly after wearing the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, becoming the laughingstock of everyone around.

Nangong Yu stepped forward and said, “Xi’er, you don’t have to wear it if you don’t like it.”

Nangong Yu was keenly aware that something wasn’t right when Yun Jingxue was so eager to let Xi Yue wear the dress.

Unexpectedly, Hexi smiled with her eyes sparkling, “Who said I don’t like it? No, I love this dress very much.”

There was a fleeting hint of ridicule in Yun Jingxue’s eyes. She thought to herself. Hmph,I hope you can say the same thing later.

However, she revealed a smile on the surface, “The Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress is different from other clothes. You can’t put on the dress through spiritual power. Instead, you have to wear it physically like how ordinary people do. Why don’t we set up a temporary partition here and let Sister Xi Yue change into the dress, so we can all see just how well the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress suits her?”

After experiencing Hexi’s disappearance, Nangong Yu wouldn’t let her change clothes elsewhere.

Soon, a changing room was built by raising the ground with an earth element spell.

The hall fell into a brief silence. No sound could be heard from the “changing room”, and it was thoroughly shielded, so no one knew what was happening inside.

Qishan, who was sitting next to Lu Xuyang, stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He commented, “The granddaughter-in-law of the Nangong Family is really a stunning beauty. Unfortunately, wearing Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress will only turn a princess into a peasant.”

Nangong Hua also followed suit with a laugh. He arched his hands toward Qishan and looked at Nangong Yu with ridicule, “Yu’er has never returned to the main family, so he may not know that every woman who wears Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress will be ashamed to be seen by others. Tsk, will your fiancee still have the nerve to show her face in the future?”

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