Chapter 1562: The Beauty In The Painting

Chapter 1562: The Beauty In The Painting

Upon hearing this, Tong Bing and Lu Zhixi were overjoyed. Their eyes fixed on the direction of the changing room, and their faces were full of gloating anticipations.

Nangong Yu didn’t seem to hear their words at all. His attention was all in the “changing room”.

At this moment, the earth element walls of the changing room crumbled. The iridescent light bloomed brilliantly like the sunlight refracted by crystals, making everyone squint their eyes.

Every eye in the room was firmly fixed on the young woman. The sound of people swallowing nervously echoed, “Gulp“. Some even jumped to their feet so abruptly that they lost their balance and thudded to the floor.

Bowls, chopsticks, and teacups were swept off the tables, making a dripping sound as tea and sauces stained the floor. Yet, no one seemed to care.

Even Nangong Yu, who had fantasized about Xi Yue wearing a red wedding dress countless times, stared wide-eyed, completely losing his composure.

His breathing was quick and erratic as he stared blankly at the woman slowly walking towards him. It felt so perfect, like an illusory dream that would shatter with just a soft touch.

Could this beautiful, talented, and breathtaking goddess really be mine?

Suddenly, the young woman tilted her head and gave him a playful smile. Her eyes were filled with unwavering affection and quietly flowing sweetness.

Shimmering with a purple glow, those clear eyes seemed to ask softly: Hey, Nangong Yu, do I look good?

Her beauty was solely for him to admire. Her eyes and heart only had him. She was his woman.

Nangong Yu took a deep breath, strode forward, grabbed the girl’s smooth hand, and clasped it tightly in his palm.

Xi’er, I caught you. I will never let go of you again in my lifetime!

Nangong Yu and Hexi were immersed in their shock and sweetness, but they didn’t know how many people were captivated by Xi Yue’s charming smile.

Before this, the crowd never believed that such stunning beauty could exist in this world.

Her hands were delicate as reeds, her skin was smooth like creamy jade, her neck as graceful as silk, her teeth like bright pearls, and her head gracefully poised. She had delicate, finely-shaped brows and a charming smile. Her eyes were simply mesmerizing.

She was so stunning that she could even rule the world with her beauty.

Such descriptions usually only existed in legendary poems or paintings. The descriptions seemed so far-fetched and unreal.

However, the peerless beauty that could only be seen in the paintings suddenly stood in front of the crowd. She was even more beautiful and mesmerizing than the description. How could they not lose their composure?

Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin were dazzling even under the light, but none of the lights could conceal the girl’s beauty.

Before this, everyone thought Xi Yue was wedding someone of higher status by marrying Nangong Yu. Many didn’t believe she was in his league.

However, a thought swept through almost everyone’s mind: Who in the world could be worthy of such beauty? Even someone as exceptional as Nangong Yu wouldn’t be qualified.

Nangong Yu, take off your hand holding the goddess’s hand! Let it go! Who allows you to touch the goddess!?

Qishan of the Green Vine Clan stood up and said in disbelief, “Impossible! How is this possible?! For millenniums, no one has ever been able to wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress!”

No, this girl did not just wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress… The radiance of the dress becomes bright and dazzling, and the hidden cloud pattern array shimmers brilliantly. This is clearly… clearly a sign that the seal on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress has been lifted.

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