Chapter 1564: Happiness

Chapter 1564: Happiness

Hexi’s eyes swept over everyone. Those who met her gaze blushed and stared at her with infatuation, regardless of gender.

Hexi asked loudly, “Does anyone still question my identity or gender? Does anyone still think I’m unfit to marry Nangong Yu?”

The crowd below shook their heads in unison as if they were one.

At this moment, this peerless girl standing high above them was their queen, their goddess. Anyone daring to oppose her would be seen as blaspheming their idol. They would pick up their weapons and beat the blasphemer to death without a second thought.

Nangong Yu hugged Hexi from behind, dissatisfied. He whispered in her ear, “You’re marrying me. Why are you asking them? As long as I acknowledge you as my wife, they have no say about our marriage.”

Hexi smiled and said softly, “Nangong Yu, I want you to have the best: your family’s blessings and the world’s envy. I wish for your happiness. I don’t want our marriage to invite criticism from others.”

So, even though Hexi initially didn’t care about public opinion, she wanted to tell everyone publicly that she wasn’t a toyboy but a woman. She wanted to declare publicly that she was worthy of Nangong Yu and could bring him happiness.

Nangong Yu’s hands tightened suddenly. His eyes were filled with hot tears. At this moment, he wished to kiss the girl in his arms deeply, hoping that this moment would last forever.

Hexi pushed Nangong Yu before waving her hand. The Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin on her disappeared. She had changed into a set of ordinary women’s clothing.

After being acknowledged by the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress as its owner, it could be donned and removed directly. Furthermore, Hexi sensed many secrets were hidden within the dress, but now wasn’t the time to uncover them.

Once the magnificent and dazzling Heavenly Dress disappeared, the infatuated crowd came to their senses, daring to look directly at Hexi.

The young lady in front of them was still an unparalleled beauty, outshining all the other females in the hall. However, she stopped exuding the air of a goddess that made them want to worship her from afar.

Xuan Mu stood there in a daze. His expression was cold, but his eyes seemed to contain the heat as intense as lava.

He subconsciously pressed his hand on his chest, feeling the rapid beating of his heart. For the first time, he realized that he, too, could experience the same overwhelming emotions as any ordinary person.

He longed to get closer to that beautiful girl, to embrace her, and to protect her for the rest of her life.

Others might not be able to see the change in Xuan Mu’s mood, but Tong Bing, whose eyes and heart were filled only with Xuan Mu, detected it immediately.

His suppressed emotions finally erupted like a volcano at this moment. He pointed and hysterically yelled at Xi Yue, “Xi Yue, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you can’t deny that you have an affair with the Third Master. Everyone saw it. You were the first one to appear in that footage!”

Tong Bing glanced at the crowd in the hall with bloodshot eyes. He shrieked, “Don’t trust him. Everything he shows is a sham. Xi Yue, this despicable person, is best at deceiving others. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Nangong Xin. He must know who he had an affair with. He was calling Xi Yue’s name the whole time. Just go and ask Nangong Xin!”

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