Chapter 1565: Idiot

Chapter 1565: Idiot

Nangong Xin woke up faintly at this time. When he met Nangong Yu’s cold eyes, he trembled all over.

He covered his head with his hands and wailed like a pig being slaughtered, “I don’t dare anymore. I really don’t dare anymore. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me!”

Qian Dazhuang ridiculed, “You idiot, how dare you mislead that the person in the video is Xi Yue? We can see clearly that the person is naked with no boobs on his chest. The victim is clearly a man. Now, you still dare to frame Xi Yue. Do you think we are idiots?”

“No! No! No!” Tong Bing screamed, “You’re all deceived by him. Xi Yue can’t be a man! That’s impossible! He likes men like me. He is a toy boy. He’s merely a toy boy disguising himself as a woman!”

Wei Chengyuan pitifully looked at Tong Bing as if he was an idiot, “Don’t you know that men simply can’t wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress? Everyone in the Nangong family can vouch for this fact.”

Nangong Hua had an ugly expression, but he did not refute it. Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress could only be worn by women. This was a fact that everyone in Siam Continent knew, and it was not even a secret.

Tong Bing’s distorted expression froze on his face as he trembled nervously. He clutched at his clothes with his fingers, seemingly eager to blurt out more accusations against Xi Xue.

Chen Xiaofeng sneered, “Tong Bing, just because you’re into men doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.”

The students and elders of the Miracle Healer Academy at the scene didn’t recognize Tong Bing at first, but now they all recognized him.

Everyone looked at Tong Bing with disgust as if they were looking at the garbage that made them want to vomit.

Someone couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, “You’re damn disgusting. As a student of Miracle Healer Academy, you stoop so low to be someone’s toy boy. If I were you, I might as well die!”

Ah!!!” Tong Bing let out a harsh shriek. A cold aura erupted from him. Although it was not strong, it seemed to form a vortex, “I’m disgusting. I’m cheap. But isn’t Xi Yue the same? Isn’t he also someone’s toy boy? If it weren’t for him, how could I have ended up being ruined by Nangong Xin?”

The cold vortex was not strong, but it was uncomfortable as if the spiritual power and fundamental essence would leave their bodies and rush toward the vortex.

Zeng Shouyue exclaimed in horror, “Devouring force? Tong Bing, you are cultivating an evil technique! It’s even the most vicious technique that devours other people’s spiritual roots and life force. Are you crazy?”

As soon as Zeng Shouyue said so, everyone looked at Tong Bing with fear and rejection in their disgusted eyes.

Martial artists feared encountering evil techniques and magic weapons the most. That was because things of evil nature were mighty, and they were detrimental to others while beneficial to the user.

Tong Bing didn’t seem to hear Zeng Shouyue’s question, nor could he see the expression of disgust from others.

He stared at Xi Yue, revealing his strong urge to charge toward her and tear her into pieces, “Xi Yue, you bitch! Why? Why is it not enough for you to have Nangong Yu? Why do you want to seduce Brother Xuan Mu still?”

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