Chapter 1566: Terrified Despair

Chapter 1566: Terrified Despair

“It’s all your fault. I could have lived a happy life, but you’re the reason why Brother Xuan Mu refused to accept me. Bitch, you’re the one who deserved death!”

As he said, Tong Bing looked at Xuan Mu. His bloodshot eyes were filled with obsession, longing, greed, and love, “Brother Xuan Mu, do you see? This fickle bitch, Xi Yue, is no longer pure in his mind and body. I’m the only one who truly loves you. I’m the one who is truly worthy of you, willing to give everything to you!”

Everyone looked at Xuan Mu with a pitiful gaze.

However, Xuan Mu’s expression didn’t change at all. He looked at Tong Bing with a cold, emotionless gaze. There was neither disgust nor any emotional fluctuation in his eyes as if he were looking at a pile of garbage that had nothing to do with him.

After a moment, Xuan Mu said coldly, “Who are you, anyway?”

It was a genuine question. Xuan Mu didn’t remember Tong Bing’s face at all. To Xuan Mu, Tong Bing was merely a fly that Xi Yue let in.

After all, who cared what a fly looked like or what it buzzed in one’s ear?

Of course not! At most, if it became annoying, one would just swat it dead with a slap.

The hope on Tong Bing’s face slowly faded, turning into terrified despair.

Tong Bing trembled as he shook his head. He muttered hoarsely, “No! No! Brother Xuan Mu, don’t look at me like that. You can’t possibly forget me, right? I’m Tong Bing, the one who likes and loves you so much. Everything I’ve done has been for you!”

“The most disgusting person is Xi Yue. He already has Nangong Yu, but he still wants to seduce you. Don’t trust him. All he does is to take advantage of you. He even has an affair with that fat pig Nangong Xin. Xi Yue is a slut, who sleeps with anyone.”

Before Tong Bing finished speaking, Xuan Mu suddenly waved his hand.

A flash of sword aura created with a bare hand shot straight toward Tong Bing.

With a “swish” sound, Tong Bing was left unharmed, but his clothes were torn apart.

Or rather, they were shredded into pieces, revealing the young man’s bare body.

Hiss—” Everyone couldn’t help but gasp.

The young man’s skin was fair. However, the traces left behind from recent passionate encounters were all the more apparent because of the skin’s paleness.

However, these lingering traces seemed to be ridiculing him silently for displaying to everyone.

Jin Zeyu suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t you think that the victim in the video who had a passionate moment with Nangong Xin is similar to Tong Bing?”

As soon as these words were said, everyone came to a realization.

The person who appeared in the video at the beginning was indeed Xi Yue. However, it was impossible to see the face of the man being intimate with Nangong Xin, so no one knew who the man was.

After Jin Zeyu reminded them, they noticed Tong Bing’s appearance, which matched the victim in the video!

Tong Bing was terrified and grabbed the tattered clothes to cover his body. However, the clothes were torn into pieces by Xuan Mu. He could barely cover anything.

“Brother Xuan Mu, why are you doing this to me!? Why?!” Tong Bing screamed.

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