Chapter 209 – Thief

Chapter 209 – Thief

Dandan suddenly remembered the skeletons he saw on the way, and he immediately pounced into Hexi’s arms, panicking as he said, “Mother, there’s ghosts, really real ghosts! Dandan’s scared…”

When Dandan had been in her space before it came to her and had been able follow the owner of the previous space around, he had experienced a lot of human world knowledge…ghost stories were one of them. So even though the cowardly Dandan was born as a powerful primary spirit, he…was very afraid of ghosts.

Although Hexi wasn’t afraid, she still found this scene strange, so with a grave expression she wholeheartedly became alert.

She didn’t believe in supernatural beings like Dandan, especially in such a world where cultivation was real. The so called supernatural beings were nothing more than the original souls of martial artists’, that’s all. But the scene before her eyes nevertheless caused her to become dumbstruck. After all, what sort of creature was able to make strange things happen in front of her, yet do it without letting her sense the slightest clue!

Hexi got up to look around, and yet after still not finding anything, she checked and found that the food on the tablecloth was still rapidly disappearing!

Hexi coldly snorted and suddenly waved one hand, collecting all the remaining food back into her space.

The next moment, a familiar voice was immediately heard, “Hey! Where did it all disappear to? I still haven’t finished eating yet, put it back, quickly, quickly! That duck wing was really delicious! Girl, how did you make it? Give this old man twenty more pieces!”

A corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched, and soon, an old man’s body reeking of wine became visible.

Surprisingly, it was the old beggar man that had been pestering her yesterday.

She frowned and said, “Smelly old man, has no one ever told you what a thief is? With this type of morality and conduct, you still have the nerve to say that you’re a large Sect Master?”

“Ooh, Baby Doll is too stingy,” The old beggar man stroked his messy beard and laughed loudly. “Aren’t all delicacies of the world meant to be shared with others? Besides, we know each other Baby Girl, so how can you regard me as a stranger?”

“Quick, bring the food out again, I’m still not full! Ahh, those duck wings, and there was also roast duck, so delicious. I’ve lived for so many years, and yet I’ve never eaten such delicious food before!”

Hexi’s brows slightly raised. This old beggar man, although his behaviour was crazy and weird, his strength was absolutely top grade.

Suddenly taking out a roast rabbit leg from her space, she lightly swayed it in front of the old beggar man’s face. With saliva sliding down from a corner of his mouth, he pounced at the roast rabbit leg.

Hexi unhurriedly asked, “Want to eat it?”

The old beggar man nodded repeatedly, lacking the slightest bit of decorum.

Hexi then sternly said, “Then tell me, what happened to Cang Mountain and why are there so many spiritual beast skeletons inside? What are those martial artists fighting over?”

The old beggar man’s expression abruptly stiffened, before he then laughed loudly. “Ooh, Baby Doll, didn’t you say that you weren’t interested in Cang Mountain’s secret territory? Why are you inquiring about it all of a sudden?”

Hexi sneered. “I’m not interested in the secret territory, but the area I live in is located at the base of this mountain. I have to find out what kind of place Cang Mountain is as my neighbour, and whether or not it’ll be a future threat.”

The expression on the old beggar man’s face flickered through countless emotions, before he then finally said, “Ahh, I just came here to have a stroll, that’s all. The secret of Cang Mountain and whatnot, how could this old man know?”

“Oh. Since that’s the case, Dandan, this is for you to eat.”

Dandan took the roast rabbit leg from Hexi’s hand. After he devoured it clean, he then held his small plump belly while laughing, “Mother, it’s so delicious, I want more!”