Chapter 1567: Madness

Chapter 1567: Madness

Tong Bing was met with Xuan Mu’s indifferent expression while everyone in the banquet hall burst into laughter.

A white jade shard suddenly appeared in Hexi’s hand, and she smiled faintly, “By the way, I found this shard at the crime scene. I was wondering what it was at the time, but now it seems pretty clear that it must be a piece that fell off your mask.”

Hexi threw the shard out, hitting Tong Bing’s mask on the ground. Sure enough, the material of the two was the same.

Upon a closer look, everyone noticed a dent in the mask Tong Bing had dropped, which matched the shard Hexi had found.

This further proved that Tong Bing was in the desolated courtyard in the footage.

Qian Dazhuang sneered, “Tong Bing, what else do you have to say? Not only did you become a toyboy, but you even recorded this kind of video just to frame Xi Yue. Tsk, can you be any more shameless? “

“No! No! It’s not me! The person in the image is Xi Yue, not me!” Tong Bing shook his head frantically and clutched the shard Hexi had thrown with his right hand. Due to the firm grip, the shard cut his palm, and blood began to seep between his fingers.

However, Tong Bing seemed not to notice it at all. He stumbled toward Xuan Mu with blood spilled in his path, “Brother Xuan Mu, trust me. It’s really not me! *Sob*…”

Even the cold and detached Xuan Mu revealed a look of disdain. A powerful vortex of spiritual energy slowly began to form in his hand.

“Brother Xuan Mu, look, look!” Tong Bing was crying, tearing off his tattered clothes to reveal his fair body. He then fell to his knees with a thud and crawled toward Xuan Mu. “Bing’er is clean and pure, right? Bing’er’s body is reserved for you! Only I can be worthy of you, Brother Xuan Mu.”

Everyone in the banquet hall showed disgusted expressions. Many people turned their eyes away from his naked body, lest their eyes got rotten.

Tong Bing cried, “Brother Xuan Mu, as long as you want, Tong Bing is willing to offer the purest body and heart~”

Ugh~” Everyone’s expression became even more distorted, disgusted by Tong Bing. In their hearts, this self-degrading toy boy had already gone mad for his unrequited love.

When everyone turned their emotions into disgust and nausea, the whimpering Tong Bing changed his expression. Like a cannonball, he shot toward Xi Yue, who was not far away.

Since his right hand was covered with blood, no one noticed a powerful devouring vortex had already formed there.

Was Tong Bing crazy? Of course not!

He could bear the burden of humiliation and become Nangong Xin’s toy boy for revenge, so he wouldn’t lose himself like this.

From the moment his conspiracy was exposed, his target was only Xi Yue!

Tong Big wanted to put his all into devouring Hexi’s dantian with the strongest devouring power he could muster.

As long as he had the wood spiritual root, the Green Vine Clan would not let him die. That was his only chance.

Everything I face today is caused by Xi Yue.

It’s Xi Yue’s cold and heartless behavior that brought me to such a state, and it’s Xi Yue who stole my glory, making me the subject of ridicule and contempt.

As long as Xi Yue dies, as long as I consume Xi Yue’s talents, everything that Xi Yue possesses will be mine. Whether it’s the status of a genius in the Miracle Healer Academy or Xuan Mu’s attention, I will take them all!

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