Chapter 1568: Overconfidence

Chapter 1568: Overconfidence

“Xi Yue, go to hell!”

A scream resounded in the banquet hall. The powerful devouring vortex on Tong Bing’s right hand reached toward Hexi’s dantian fiercely.

There was a distorted and ferocious smile on Tong Bing’s face, but he was met with a pair of smiling, clear, and beautiful eyes full of mockery.

Those were Xi Yue’s eyes. Every arch of her brows and every expression in her eyes seemed to be mocking his foolishness and overconfidence.

Tong Bing felt a sharp pain in his right palm the next moment.

Ah!” Tong Bing let out a scream.

His body fell to the ground, then his eyes widened, looking not far away in disbelief.

It was a severed palm. The cut was so clean that not much blood seeped out after it fell. That severed hand was Tong Bing’s hand.

Nangong Yu clicked his tongue, withdrew the Xuan Yuan Sword, and stared at Xuan Mu coldly, “I will deal with the scum who wants to hurt Xi’er myself. You don’t need to intervene.”

Xuan Mu sneered, dissipating the sword aura in his hand. He approached Xi Yue slowly and said lowly, “Be careful of his devouring power. It’s not just devouring. Getting too closer may unleash the hidden five elements power.”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and looked at Xuan Mu, only to see that her roommate was still cold and indifferent. However, Hexi wondered if he knew something.

Tong Bing’s eyes were full of resentment and despair. He stared at Xuan Mu, who was approaching Xi Yue, “Brother Xuan Mu, why? Why?! I treat you so well, and I love you so much! It doesn’t matter even if the entire world wants to kill me, but why do you treat me like that?!”

Xuan Mu slowly gathered sword aura in his hand as he said coldly, “It seems you don’t even want to keep your mouth anymore.”

Xuan Mu’s voice was indifferent and calm without a trace of emotion. However, it made Tong Bing shudder in horror, silencing him from saying more words.

Nangong Yu looked at Tong Bing coldly with a deep smile, “Tell me. Besides you, who else is involved in this matter? If you tell the truth, I will grant you a quick death.”

Upon hearing Nangong Yu’s words, Lu Zhixi, Yun Jingxue, and Nangong Hua’s expressions changed simultaneously, but they quickly forced themselves to calm down.

A complex expression flickered on Tong Bing’s face. His eyes swept over Xi Yue’s gorgeous appearance in women’s clothing, and deep hatred flashed in his eyes. He laughed with a twisted face, “Hahaha, I’m dead anyway. Why should I tell you? I want to make her restless day and night, living in the anxiety and torment of being schemed all the time.”

“Xi Yue, do you think you’ll live happily ever after killing me? Dream on! You’re doomed to meet a terrible end! Even if I’m gone, others will stop at nothing to kill you. You can forget about marrying Nangong Yu peacefully in your lifetime. Hahaha!

Nangong Yu’s face was gloomy and terrifying.

Previously, Nangong Yu wanted to tear Tong Bing into pieces, but now, he would never allow Tong Bing to die so quickly.

A fleeting flash of crimson light sparkled in Nangong Yu’s deep and mysterious eyes as he sneered coldly, “Do you think there’s no difference between one death and another? Do you think that with your devious devouring power, as long as you’re alive, you can turn the tables? And you can have a fresh start?”

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