Chapter 1569: The Devil

Chapter 1569: The Devil

By the end of the sentence, fear showed in Tong Bing’s eyes, but Nangong Yu just let out low laughter. Suddenly, he waved his hand and commanded, “Xuan Wu, remove his dantian first. We can’t leave any room for future trouble.”

Xuan Wu walked forward without saying a word.

The scene took place like what had happened to Mammy Qi a few hours ago. Xuan Wu dug out Tong Bing’s dantian publicly in the most brutal manner possible. Yet, Xuan Wu still carefully stitched up Tong Bing’s belly to prevent him from dying.

During the process, Tong Bing constantly cried, wailed, and even screamed out loud that he was willing to confess about his accomplices. However, Nangong Yu didn’t stop Xuan Mu. Naturally, Xuan Wu didn’t halt his actions either.

It wasn’t until Xuan Wu’s “work” was finished that Nangong Yu looked at the dying Tong Bing and sneered, “Now you want to confess your accomplice? Haha, what a pity. I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

“Anyone who had a part in setting up Xi Yue today, I will seek you out one by one! Tong Bing’s fate today will be yours tomorrow! No one can escape!”

Nangong Yu looked around with a bloodthirsty sneer in his eyes. Wherever he looked, everyone was silent, and their legs were trembling.

Yun Jingxue was in a better state since she hid behind Old Lady Nangong, but Lu Zhixi’s face turned pale with fright.

Everyone realized that Nangong Yu was serious this time. He was furious, seething with rage.

It was only at this moment that they remembered how the 21-year-old King of Hell Nangong Yu was decisive, cold-hearted, and ruthless. With just the Xuan Yuan Sword, he alone dyed the Guijing Mountain Range with the blood of demonic beasts.

Tong Bing was trembling all over. Pain, despair, hatred, and madness made his voice hoarse and shrill, “Nangong Yu, you’re a devil. You will be punished, you devil! Devil!”

“Xi Yue, you bitch. You will die a horrible death if the others know what’s inside your body…”

Before Tong Bing could finish his sentence, Nangong Yu slapped him.

Tong Bing was just a mortal now. He was defenseless against Nangong Yu’s slap. Three or four of his teeth were knocked out immediately. He passed out directly.

No one paid attention to Tong Bing’s words in the banquet hall, but Lu Xuyang was an exception.

A searing light flashed in his eyes.

Tong Bing said something is inside Xi Yue. When Xi Yue advanced, Tong Bing seemed to be in the confinement space with her, and she almost killed Tong Bing at that time. Was it because Tong Bing discovered her secret?

For example, Xi Yue has the wood source hidden in her body.

Nangong Yu was about to ask Xuan Wu to take Tong Bing away to torture him for a few years before slaughtering him, but Jin Zeyu suddenly took a step forward. He approached Xi Yue and said, “Xi Yue, Your Highness King of Hell, regarding the disposal of Tong Bing, can you leave it to me to arrange it? There are two people who would be more than happy to decide his fate.”

Hexi looked surprised. Jin Zeyu was a practical and talented person, but he typically didn’t like taking on tasks unless they were assigned to him. He would handle assigned tasks skillfully and with finesse, but he never overstepped his boundaries or interfered where he wasn’t needed.

Jin Zeyu seemed to understand Hexi’s doubts. His expression became somewhat gloomy, “Xi Yue, I don’t know if you still remember Butler Hu and his son, who were in charge of your entrance exam and spiritual root test at the Miracle Healer Academy. “

Hexi searched her memory and quickly recalled them. Is it that arrogant young man, Hu Minghui, who had beaten Tong Bing at the entrance of the restaurant, and his father? Why did Jin Zeyu suddenly bring them up?

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