Chapter 652

Chapter 652

Gu Liufeng’s mask was knocked off by the child, but he was not annoyed . Instead, he showed a gentle smile .

Shen Qingchuo stood blankly at the door . Looking at Gu Liufeng’s face, for a time it seemed like she was infatuated .

She never thought about the man, who quarreled with her every day and was rejected by her, actually had such a handsome face that wasn’t inferior to that of Brother Xi Yue .

Even for the scarlet scar, Shen Qingchuo didn’t find it ugly at all . She just felt that it had added a bit of charm that made her heart palpitating .


It was early in the morning when Cang Mountain’s foot was still sparsely populated, and the spirit was barren .

Nalan Ziyun stood in front of the plain old courtyard with disgust on his face .

This was the first time he had set foot in this courtyard where Nalan Hexi lived .

He knew at a very young age that he had a twin sister, Nalan Hexi .

But this sister’s talents were different from his . Nalan Hexi looked ugly, and her body wasn’t suitable to cultivate at all .

When he was a child, before Nalan Ziyun studied art at the Qixing Palace, he had been ridiculed by people due to his useless twin sister .

“Nalan Ziyun, you and the ugly woman are born to the same concubine . So disgusting!”

“Yeah, even I feel ashamed to die to have such a useless sister . ”

“We don’t play with him . What if we get infected by his sister …”

Nalan Ziyun was angry and hateful at that time . He often couldn’t help cursing his ugly sister to die .

Especially once he hid in the room, he heard that ugly woman ran over with a weepy face and said that she wanted to see his brother .

Nalan Ziyun still remembered that after Nalan Hexi was chased back to the courtyard, the group of people discussed her with the expression full of contempt and disgust . Even he was being looked at with a peculiar gaze .

This situation was getting better until Nalan Ziyun went to learn at the Qixing Palace, and Nalan Hexi was thrown into the courtyard to let her perish on herself .

But as soon as he thought that this woman was still alive, and he would be ridiculed when he got home, Nalan Ziyun felt disgusted .

He wanted to find someone to secretly murder this ugly sister, but his father would never allow anyone to kill Nalan Hexi .

Nalan Ziyun was very respectful and afraid of this father . How dare he violate him .

So in the end, he came up with a strategy of two birds with one stone .

Nalan Ziyun knew that Nalan Feixue liked the prince, and that Nalan Feixue was arrogant and jealous . She hated Nalan Hexi to her bone .

So he set up a trap to make Nalan Feixue think that the prince fell in love with Nalan Hexi’s special physique which was good for cultivation .

Nalan Feixue had been longing to be able to marry the prince . How could she let Nalan Hexi hook up with the prince?

By the time, when Nalan Feixue killed Nalan Hexi, it had nothing to do with him?

Nalan Ziyun thought well .

He thought he would definitely not see Nalan Hexi when he came back this time .

But who knows, on the first day of his return to his house, his father asked him to pick up the waste from Nalan Hexi, and said that his sister and his brother should be close .

Hmph! To make him close to the ugly woman, Nalan Ziyun really feels disgusting when he dreams!

And the useless waste of Nalan Feixue, who did n’t kill Nalan Hexi for so long, it was a waste of his good strategy .

But I remembered the boy I met on Breaking Spirit Mountain .