Chapter 1572: The Death Of Nangong Xin

Chapter 1572: The Death Of Nangong Xin

Nangong Hua turned his head with anger blazing in his eyes, “Nangong Yu, what do you mean by that? Do you still want to deal with your third uncle? Don’t forget. He is your elder!”

“Elder?!” Nangong Yu sneered. His eyes were flickering with cold light, “When he had those disgusting thoughts about Xi Yue, my beloved, did he think about being my Third Uncle? When he tried to force himself on Xi Yue, did he remember he was my Third Uncle? When he slandered Xi Yue in front of everyone, did he consider his position as my Third Uncle?”

Nangong Xin’s chubby flesh trembled all over. His face was already unattractive. Now that it was smeared with snot and tears, it looked even more repulsive than a toad’s skin.

He fell to the ground, pissing and shitting his pants. Though his mouth hung open, he couldn’t muster a single word.

Nangong Hua was stunned by Nangong Yu’s questioning for a moment. His face twisted in anger, and he said sternly, “No matter what he did, he is your Third Uncle! Xi Yue is just a woman. There are countless other women out there. Even if she’s been mistreated, she’s just a plaything. Are you going to defy your elder over a woman, over a mere toy?”

Hearing Nangong Hua’s words, Nangong Xin seemed to have grasped a line of hope and nodded repeatedly, “Yes, I didn’t succeed at all. I haven’t laid a hand on Xi Jue. I never had the chance to harm her! You… you… Nangong Yu, I’m your Third Uncle. You can’t kill me over a woman. Please, spare me… spare me! I promise I’ll never do it again!”

“Never do it again?” Nangong Yu let out a chilling, mocking laugh, “You said the same thing five years ago. Yet, not only did you repeat your mistakes, but you even dared to target my wife. Nangong Xin, you deserve to die!”

As soon as the sentence ended, Xuan Yuan Sword flew up in the air and slashed toward Nangong Xin fiercely.

“Stop!” Nangong Hua roared. He hurriedly launched his magic weapon to intercept Nangong Yu’s attack.

However, it was too late. Xuan Yuan Sword pierced through Nangong Xin’s chest before he even made a sound. His heart burst, meeting his ultimate demise.

The air seemed to echo with the sound of the sword piercing through the flesh. To some, the attack was deafening as a thunderclap.

The entire hall was so silent that even the drop of a needle could be heard. Everyone averted their gaze, avoiding the bloodthirsty eyes.

The so-called King of Hell governed the life and death of the world and the six realms of reincarnation. While possessing the appearance rivaling the fairies, he was cruel and cold-hearted.

At this moment, they all believed the legend because Nangong Yu did not even hesitate to kill his uncle.

The magic weapon Nangong Hua threw had returned to him, but his hand holding the magic weapon was still shaking violently. It was a clear sign of his intense fury, “Nangong Yu, how… how could you be so heartless? That’s your Third Uncle! Acting against the natural order and killing your elder, you’ll surely face heaven’s retribution!”

“And you!” Nangong Hua pointed at Xi Yue with hatred in his eyes, “You’re the woman spelling trouble here. If it weren’t for you, Nangong Yu would never have done such a thing. You will also be punished by heaven!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and grunted coldly, “Oh, Nangong Yu will suffer retribution for killing the promiscuous Nangong Xin, so may I ask, what will happen to someone who colluded with outsiders to kill his elder brother?”

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