Chapter 1573: Exposed

Chapter 1573: Exposed

Nangong Hua’s expression froze, revealing a mix of emotions. He blurted out in a panic, “What nonsense are you talking about? Shut up!”

Hexi’s eyes were filled with mockery, “If you weren’t spouting nonsense, I wouldn’t have spoken up. Otherwise, let’s see who can expose more juicy stories. What do you say, Family Master Nangong?”

Since Ouyang Haoxuan encountered Lou Wushuang, Hexi had prompted him to investigate the past involving both the Nangong Family and the Lou Family. Coupled with the rumors Hexi heard from Immortal Xuan Qing, she began to grasp why Nangong Yu acted so coldly toward the Nangong family.

Back in the day, Lou Wushuang, the eldest daughter of the Lou Family, fell in love with Nangong Aotian. The Nangong family, aiming to curry favor with the Lou Family, pressured Nangong Aotian to marry Lou Wushuang. However, not only did Nangong Aotian refuse, but he also publicly embarrassed Lou Wushuang.

Lou Wushuang’s love turned into hatred, letting the Nangong Family expel Nangong Aotian. Worse still, Yun Churan was pregnant, and yet Lou Wushuang cruelly harmed her, causing her to die within a few years after giving birth to Nangong Yu.

Later, when Nangong Aotian sought revenge on Lou Wushuang, someone secretly schemed against him, tipping off his enemies. This led to his failed revenge attempt, ultimately resulting in his tragic death. As for who was pulling the strings behind the scenes and who benefited the most, it was clear as day after thinking it through.

Nangong Hua closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, but the panic in his heart forced him to shut his mouth.

He looked in the direction of Old Lady Nangong. At first, Old Lady Nangong was taken aback, but when she realized that Nangong Yu killed Nangong Xin, her face immediately filled with grief. She cried out, “My Third Child!”

Nangong Hua gritted his teeth and said, “Mother, shouldn’t Nangong Yu be punished for such a heinous act?”

Old Lady Nangong glanced at Nangong Yu, noticing he was also looking at her. His expression was filled with concern, but there was also a trace of ruthlessness.

Old Lady Nangong’s heart skipped a beat, but her face revealed a look of guilt and remorse. She said with bloodshot eyes, “This is all his fault! We can’t blame Yu’er. Yu’er did nothing wrong. I’m at fault for not raising him well, leading him to commit such a heinous act!”

As Old Lady Nangongspoke, she beat her chest and cried loudly with a look of regret.

Everyone in the room thought to themselves. The Nangong Family from the Siam continent isn’t that impressive, but this old lady is genuinely kind-hearted and principled. She is truly respectable.

Nangong Yu walked over to Old Lady Nangong, gently holding her rough and withered hand, whispering, “Grandmother, I’m sorry for my unfilial actions. But I can’t stand by and let anyone scheme against Xi Yue like this. These people are like clowns lurking in the shadows. Unless they are dealt with completely, they will always pose a threat to Xi Yue’s safety.”

As he said that, his cold gaze swept across the crowd below. He sneered, “Tong Bing’s cunning, but given his level of cultivation, knowledge, and status as a toyboy, it’s impossible for him to tamper with the teleportation array.”

“Moreover, the fact that the culprit had arranged the Seven Stars Trapping Formation in the deserted courtyard, he is no ordinary individual. Having such a figure lurking in the shadows would surely keep me on edge, especially during my wedding.”

“However, thankfully…” Nangong Yu paused. His cold expression turned into a mocking smile, “Just now, Xuan Wu has gone to investigate the courtyard where the Seven Stars Trapping Formation is arranged. He is certain that the person installing the Seven Stars Trapping Formation has left an important clue there.”

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