Chapter 1574: No One Can Get Away

Chapter 1574: No One Can Get Away

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Xuan Wu in unison. They noticed that his position had changed, and there was dust on him. Despite having Nascent Soul Stage martial artists and even Soul Splitting Stage in the hall, no one noticed he had left.

Nangong Yu looked at everyone’s expressions with satisfaction and said slowly, “I believe that if we follow this lead and unravel it, we’ll uncover the other conspirators soon.”

“Like I said before, whoever has a part in framing Xi Yue, every… single one of you can’t get away with it!”

As soon as Nangong Yu said this, Lu Zhixi and Yun Jingxue turned pale and trembled with fright.

Lu Zhixi suppressed the panic in her heart, reminding herself that she was Lu Xuyang’s daughter. Nangong Yu wouldn’t dare to harm her. On the other hand, a voice reminded her with a sneer: Nangong Yu even dared to kill his Third Uncle. Why would he spare you?

Yun Jingxue broke into cold sweat out of fear. She was terrified of her nominal cousin.

When she was in the Yun Family, she heard that Yun Churan, the good-for-nothing abandoned by the family, married a lunatic, and that person was Nangong Aotian from the Nangong Family. But now she felt Nangong Yu was a hundred times more crazy and vicious than Nangong Aotian.

Yun Jingxue held Old Lady Nangong’s hand and looked at her pleadingly.

Old Lady Nangong wiped her tears and said to Nangong Yu, “All the hardships Xi Yue has suffered ultimately stem from my inability to manage the family, which allowed the toy boy and mammy to succeed in their scheme. No matter who else is behind the scene, I owe Xi Yue an apology!”

“Grandmother, you don’t need to blame yourself.” Nangong Yu shook his head and said, “This has nothing to do with you. Even if there were flaws in overseeing the Nangong Family, the responsibility lies with someone else.”

Nangong Hua’s complexion turned livid. He gritted his teeth, but he didn’t speak.

Nangong Yu was clearly mocking his incompetence as the family master.

Old Lady Nangong shook her head with sadness and guilt. “Yu’er, if you still believe in grandma, leave this matter to grandma to investigate! Grandma swears that I will give you and Xi Yue justice. It’s the time to set our Nangong Family straight!”

Nangong Yu was startled, wanting to decline. However, after seeing the determination in Old Lady Nangong’s eyes, he could only nod and agree, “Grandma, I’ll leave the investigation of the Nangong Family to you. I will ask Xuan Wu and Qing Luan to assist you in investigating at the Miracle Healer Academy.”

Old Lady Nangong nodded and walked up to Hexi with red eyes. She held Hexi’s hand, sobbing, “My child, I’m sorry for what you had suffered. Rest assured. I will make things right for you.”

Hexi felt the dry hands stiffen slightly as they grasped hers. Then, the grip tightened as if Old Lady Nangong couldn’t control her emotions.

Her eyes flickered, but she revealed nothing on her face. She smiled slightly and said, “Old Lady Nangong, I’m fine.”

The farce finally came to an end at this time. What was supposed to be a lively family banquet turned into a scheme. In the end, they made a fool of themselves, making the Nangong family the laughingstock of the Miluo Continent. Soon, the joke would spread to the entire Siam Continent.

However, there were only two things that left the deepest impression on everyone present here.

Firstly, it was the sight of Xi Yue standing before everyone while wearing the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and the Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin. She was breathtakingly beautiful, truly an unparallel goddess!

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