Chapter 1575: It’s Your Fault

Chapter 1575: It’s Your Fault

Another moment that stood out was Nangong Yu’s announcement, “I, Nangong Yu, will marry Xi Yue as my wife in Jin Ling Kingdom’s Yanjing City on 9th September. From today onward, Xi Yue will be my fiancée. Anyone who disrespects her is disrespecting me too. Those who oppose her will be my enemy too. If anyone dares to harm Xi Yue, I, Nangong Yu, will spare no effort to tear them to pieces. On that day, the King of Hell Mansion will host the [Qiong Luo Banquet]. I invite everyone here to attend my wedding with Xi Yue in Yanjing City.”

In the [Qiong Luo Banquet], every spiritual food was a delicacy, and every spiritual fruit and meat was of the highest grade, above grade 5. Even the four major families that amassed great wealth wouldn’t dare casually boast about hosting a Qiong Luo Banquet. It was a banquet that could bankrupt them.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Yu would have a [Qiong Luo Banquet] at the wedding. Considering the number of guests that would attend, it seemed like he was ready to spend all his fortune. Was it because the King of Hell was wealthy? Or was he so madly in love with Xi Yue?

The sun slowly set to the west. The Nangong Family’s family banquet had ended.

After all the guests had left, only the people of the Nangong Family was left. At this moment, the usually gentle and kind Old Lady Nangong couldn’t hold her composure. She sat on the chair with a gloomy face without saying a word.

Yun Jingxue walked back and forth in the room angrily, occasionally stomping her feet in frustration, “Old Lady Nangong, how can you agree to let Cousin Yu marry Xi Yue? Didn’t you always say that I would be the one to become Cousin Yu’s wife, the granddaughter-in-law of the Nangong Family?”

What should I do now? The master of the Thousand Poison Valley has ordered me to seduce Nangong Yu, even if it’s just a one-night stand.

To make Yun Jingxue do her best, Lou Wushuang even showed her the fate of Feng Lianying. She was still haunted by the mocking voice from Lou Wushuang’s disciple, “Do you see that? Feng Lianying was my master’s most beloved senior disciple, but now she has fallen into such a situation. Do you know why? It’s because she is useless, unable to even seduce a Nangong Yu.”

“If you prove to be just as incompetent, then what happened to Feng Lianying will happen to you. Understand? If you do, then give it your all and let Nangong Yu fall for your beauty.”

Thinking of the ruthless threatening words and Feng Lianying’s miserable fate in the video, Yun Jingxue shuddered and shook her head wildly.

No! I must never fall into that fate, absolutely not!

Thinking of this, Yun Jingxue’s temper became even more irritable. She didn’t bother to keep up her usual innocent facade in front of Old Lady Nangong, “Old Lady Nangong, it’s all your fault. Out of all people in the Nangong Family, Cousin Yu listens only to you. Wouldn’t he obey if you were firm and ordered him not to marry Xi Yue?”

“Old Lady Nangong, have you gone senile? If you really let Xi Yue into the family, aren’t you afraid that Lou Wushuang will come to settle scores with the Nangong Family?”

“How dare you!!” Behind Old Lady Nangong, Nanny Li scolded coldly, “Who do you think you are to act so presumptuously in front of the old lady? Don’t forget, Nangong Yu would get to the bottom of today’s event if it weren’t for her.”

“When Nangong Yu gets to the bottom of it and traces back to Miss Yun, you’d better brace yourself for his wrath!”

The tragic images of Tong Bing and the lifeless corpse of Nangong Xin flashed before Yun Jingxue’s eyes, making her shiver uncontrollably.

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