Chapter 654

Chapter 654

Nalan Hexi was still the ugly look in his impression which made him sick .

Such a woman is actually my own sister . Why is God so unfair to me?

However, remembering his father’s request to him, Nalan Ziyun still suppressed his tumultuous emotions . He took a step forward and politely said, “Third sister, long time no see, how have you been?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and looked at him with an ambiguous smile, “Who are you? Why do you act familiar to me?”

Nalan Ziyun was stunned slightly .

His heart slightly palpitated as he looked into the dark and clear eyes .

He had an illusion like he was being stared at by a powerful magical beast or martial artist . He even felt a chill down his spine .

But immediately, he could see clearly the face of the person in front of him . It was still the yellowish and ugly face . How powerful could she be?

Nalan Ziyun was ashamed into anger for a while, but he still patiently said, “Third sister, have you forgotten? I am Ziyun, we are born to the same mother . When you were a child, you often came to Nalan Mansion to find me . ”

Hexi could not help but chuckle softly, “Oh, it turns out to be Ziyun! Since you also know that I used to go to you when I was a kid, do you think I’m staying here well? My dear brother!”

Nalan Ziyun was astounded . He glanced at the shabby furnishings around the courtyard, then he immediately showed an ashamed expression, “Sister, I’m sorry . I was sent to Qixing Palace to learn martial art when I was very young . I don’t know how have you been . ”

“I thought you still live a luxurious life in the courtyard and being treated as the Third Miss! I didn’t expect… this place to be so simple…”

“If I knew that my sister was living a miserable life here, I would definitely come back early so my sister will not have to suffer anymore!”

With that said, Nalan Ziyun couldn’t help but step forward and said sincerely, “But sister doesn’t have to worry anymore, I have persuaded father . Today, sister will return to Nalan Mansion . From then on, my sister will be able to live a luxurious life!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows slightly . Her deep eyes looked around Nalan Ziyun’s face, then she smiled slowly, “Oh, since that is the case, thank you brother . ”

“Sister… you are willing to go back with me?”

“Of course . ” Hexi raised her head and slowly drank the tea, only then she smiled gently, “Since Brother Ziyun comes to pick me up, how can I not go back? After all, Nalan Mansion is also the place where I have to go back!”

Nalan Ziyun breathed a sigh of relief immediately, then his eyes looking at Hexi immediately filled with contempt .

This woman really wants to return to Nalan Mansion, but she doesn’t know what kind of life is waiting for her at Nalan Mansion .

“Since my sister has agreed to go back with me, it is better to go back today . Sister can go pack your belongings now . As for the servants in this courtyard…”

Nalan Ziyun frowned, then he said coldly, “I see that these maids don’t really know how to behave themselves . It’s better to sell them out . My sister is going to Nalan Mansion anyway . There are naturally clever and sensible maids to serve my sister . ”

With that, his gaze also glanced at the cold girl next to Hexi .

Hexi sneered when she heard the words . Her voice was a bit chilly, “Why? Brother hasn’t seen me for decades, and you never care about your sister’s life and death, but now you start to manage the maids around me?”

“Since Nalan Mansion can’t even keep my maids, then I think I don’t go back anymore!”