Chapter 1576: They Won’t Be Getting Married

Chapter 1576: They Won’t Be Getting Married

Yun Jingxue glanced at the gloomy Old Lady Nangong. She noticed there seemed to be a storm in her eyes, and she felt uneasy.

Although Old Lady Nangong’s cultivation level wasn’t impressive, she held significant power in Nangong Family. Especially since she was the only relative that Nangong Yu truly respected, under no circumstances could Yun Jingxue afford to offend the old lady.

Yun Jingxue took a few steps forward, knelt before the old lady, and said with an ashamed look, “Old Lady Nangong, I was blinded by jealousy earlier that I spoke those nonsense. Please don’t take it to the heart!”

“But what should Jingxue do now? Do I have to let Nangong Yu marry Xi Yue?”

Yun Jingxue gritted her teeth in hatred as she ended her sentence.

Although she only married Nangong Yu under Lou Wushuang’s order, she was jealous of Xi Yue, especially Xi Yue’s flawless beauty. She wanted to turn her into a bloody mess.

Old Lady Nangong looked at Jingxue’s twisted and hideous expression. Her eyes were full of ridicule and contempt.

How does a fool like her dare to yell at me? I only keep your around to fulfill Lou Wushuang’s plan.

I will witness your tragic death once Lou Wushuang’s goal is accomplished.

Despite thinking so in her heart, Old Lady Nangong didn’t show it. She just sighed, “Sigh, do you think Yu’er will listen to me even if I stop him today? He has long been fascinated by Xi Yue.”

“Didn’t you see that Yu’er even gave Xi Yue the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, the heirloom of our Nangong Family? He even ignored my objection.”

As soon as Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress was mentioned, Nangong Hua, who was already sulking on the side, became resentful. He glared at Yun Jingxue, “If it weren’t for your meddling, letting Xi Yue try on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, how would the treasure of our Nangong Family be taken away!?”

“Moreover, Lou Wushuang specifically asked to try on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress. Now that we can’t hand it to her, I have no idea how we will explain it!”

Yun Jingxue wanted to cry. It was her idea to let Xi Yue try on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, but she just wanted Xi Yue to make a fool of herself. Who would have thought…?

Nangong Hua slammed his hand on the table. His voice was filled with resentment and frustration, “That bastard Nangong Yu is so ruthless that he doesn’t care about family bonds. Mother, what should we do now? If Nangong Yu marries Xi Yue and our Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress is taken away, Lou Wushuang will surely not spare our Nangong Family!”

Old Lady Nangong had regained her composure. She sipped her tea and slowly said, “Don’t worry. They won’t be getting married.”

In a slum in Miracle Healer City, Butler Hu limped toward his thatched shack.

Along the way, the pungent smell of decay filled his nose. He would step on black lumps of garbage from time to time, but Butler Hu seemed to have gotten used to it a long time ago and didn’t pay it any mind.

The slums seemed to be the epitome of the dark side of Miracle Healer City. All the filth and discarded waste were gathered in this place.

It was as if the brightest thing must have a dark side. If Miracle Healer City was glamorous, the slums in the city were suffering from poverty.

Butler Hu walked into his thatched shack. He paused abruptly and instinctively shrank back a bit.

In his dilapidated thatched shack were a few students wearing Miracle Healer Academy uniforms.

Butler Hu was so frightened that he fell to the ground and yelled in panic, “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I won’t do it again. Please spare me and my son, sob~”

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