Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Vicious Woman Who Treats The Concubine’s Daughter Severely

The whip landed accurately on Qin Lu’s body like rain, and no matter how much he used his spiritual power to dodge, he was unable to avoid the whip that made him feel like his flesh was being torn.

This kind of torture continued for half an incense stick length of time before it ended, and by now, Qin Lu was lying in severe pain on the ground, tears and mucus running down his face.

Bai Hu looked at Hexi playing with the whip as it flashed through the air like a dance, and his admiration towards her increased.

Obviously she is an ordinary person who lacked a cultivation base, yet by just relying on a Bone Whip, she was able to beat up a martial artist on the Qi Refining stage until he was scared witless!

“Young…Miss Nalan, your method of disciplining slaves is extremely brilliant.”

Hexi raised her head and noticed Bai Hu’s fawning smile, so she faintly said, “Then how about I teach this method to your Master too!”

Bai Hu’s expression abruptly froze, and quickly lowering his head, he no longer dared to speak.

If this method was taught to Master, then who would be the people he would discipline? Wouldn’t it be them, his subordinates?

Miss Nalan was really too sinister!

At this moment, Qin Lu gradually returned to his senses, and stubbornly supporting his sore body, he slowly got up from the ground, fiercely saying, “Third Miss, for what reason do you beat me? I was personally appointed by Madam to manage the external Manor’s affairs, and Madam ordered me to come here to find you. You’ve so arrogantly humiliated me, do you want to disgrace Madam’s face by stepping on her with your foot?!”

Hexi sneered, her face not showing the least bit of fear like Qin Lu had anticipated, instead, there was only coldness and contempt, “Who do you think you are to be able to stand on behalf of Madam’s face?”

Seeing the displeasure revealed in Qin Lu’s expression, the contempt in Hexi’s eyes increased, “I’ll tell you now, you’re merely just a dog from Nalan Manor, and I, even if not favoured, is still Nalan Manor’s Third Miss. You, as a dog, has dared to run in front of your owner to bark. I’m simply teaching you what is right and proper, so even if you were to complain in front of Madam, what do you think what she can do for you?”

“Hehe! Wouldn’t it be better if I ordered people to make this matter public? I can tell them that the Madam of Nalan Manor incited Butler Qin Lu to come to my courtyard to behave atrociously, even threatening to beat me up. We’ll see at that time if the people of Yan Jing city feel that I am arrogant, or comment that the kind and virtuous Madam Nalan is in fact actually a black hearted and vicious wife who treats the concubine’s daughter severely!”

Bai Hu standing on the side excitedly volunteered himself, “I’m an expert in spreading gossip for this kind of matter! Miss Nalan, you just give this matter to me to handle. I promise that in less than half a day, Madam Nalan’s new reputation will be known by everyone, even the people in Imperial city won’t be left out.”

Hexi almost choked on the tea she was drinking when she heard what was said. She really hadn’t expected that the Hell King’s personal bodyguard would have a hobby of gossiping like a meddling old woman!

Whereas for Qin Lu, once he heard these words his complexion became extremely ugly, his heart filling with panic.

Madam Nalan maintained a noble and benevolent appearance in Yan Jing city, if her reputation was ruined because of him, he didn’t dare imagine the consequences.

Moreover, this time the Madam had purposely ordered him to ask Third Miss to return. This Third Miss currently still had value as a commodity, so Madam would absolutely not dispose of her yet. Ultimately, the only one with bad luck is him.

Thinking of this, Qin Lu felt cold sweat drip down his forehead, his eyes flashed, and finally he lowered his head, unwillingly saying, “Third Miss please don’t talk nonsense! Madam is most fair and benevolent when handling affairs, she absolutely wouldn’t treat a concubine’s daughter severely. Just a moment ago, I was the one who was too rude and impetuous, offending Third Miss. I ask Third Miss to please forgive me.”