Chapter 1577: Hu Family’s Father And Son

Chapter 1577: Hu Family’s Father And Son

Hu Minghui, who was drowsy at first, came out from behind the makeshift curtain in the thatched shack after hearing the commotion.

He was haggard and worn, with hollowed cheeks. One arm hung limply by his side, one leg was missing from below the knee, and horrible pus and blood were still oozing from the wound.

Seeing the folks wearing Miracle Healer Academy uniforms, Hu Minghui rushed over like a madman, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Did that bastard Tong Bing send you to torture me? I will take you all down with me!”

Before Hu Minghui could reach Jin Zeyu, Chen Xiaofeng effortlessly shoved him to the ground.

Jin Zeyu looked at them condescendingly and said calmly, “Feed them medicinal pills.”

Butler Hu and his son still had some cultivation, but they were one level lower than before. They should have suffered severe injuries.

Butler Hu thought the students were going to feed him and his son poison. They immediately yelled and struggled hysterically. However, Chen Xiaofeng just flicked his fingers lightly, and the medicinal pills entered their mouths quickly.

However, after 15 minutes, Butler Hu felt that something was amiss.

The dried-out spiritual power inside his body surged, and the previously burning pain in his dantian was relieved.

Even the wound on Hu Minghui’s feet recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye even though his injured hands and feet could not recover.

Staring in disbelief at the small wound that was slowly healing on his palm, Butler Hu knelt before Jin Zeyu, “Benefactor, may I know your honorable name? My son and I are forever indebted for your immense kindness and would work tirelessly in gratitude!”

Jin Zeyu’s expression remained cold, “I’m not interested in asking you to work with me, but I need you to take good care of someone.”

Although Butler Hu was full of doubts, he immediately expressed his loyalty, “May I ask who the benefactor wants us to take care of? We will do our best…”

Jin Zeyu sneered and waved his hand. Someone outside the door quickly threw in Tong Bing, who was tightly bound.

Tong Bing was awake, but his mouth was sealed with a disgusting paste. He was unable to speak.

Seeing Tong Bing being thrown in, Hu Minghui’s eyes turned bloodshot. He rushed over frantically. His eyes shot out raging fire of hatred. He roared, “Tong Bing, you vicious devil! You scum, you deserve a thousand cuts! You’re going to die horribly! You’re going to hell. You are definitely going to hell!”

Butler Hu grabbed his son and tried to comfort him before looking at Jin Zeyu with red eyes, “What do you want?”

Before Jin Zeyu could speak, Chen Xiaofeng chuckled and said, “Butler Hu, you’re smart. You surely know what I want. This scum is cunning, vicious, and cruel. It’s not just you and your son that he has offended; there are many more.”

“Our master doesn’t want to dirty his hand because of this scum, so he wants to give him to Butler Hu and his son to take good care of him. Just make sure he doesn’t die easily. What do you say, Butler Hu?”

Butler Hu was taken aback momentarily, and a blazing light burst out from his eyes.

Hu Minghui trembled from his head to the toe with his mouth wavering. He stared at Tong Bing before bursting into hearty laughter, “Excellent! This is just perfect! Please go back and tell your master that I will take good care of him. I will ensure he won’t have a single moment free from torture worse than death!”

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